Costco info needed

Just starting to gather info to plan a multi family trip for November 2019. We do have a Costco membership, but navigating their website was confusing.
Do they only offer vacation packages? Can you buy tickets separately? Any info would be helpful. And any other tips on who you guys love to book thru to save the most money.

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Yes they have all sort of options but you have to go through the Costco travel website.

If I remember correctly I needed to register separately for this site although I had a Costco online account.

@PrincipalTinker Curious: I’ve never paid much attention to the Costco travel offerings, have you seen if those Costco packages vary much in price over time?

I just took a look at sample Costco packages for CBR and BW and compared them to buying room only through Undercover Tourist and getting the cheapest 5 day PH out right now.

For CBR: Using UT & reseller tix beats the Costco package by $215 for a package with 1 adult, and beats Costco by $391 for 4 adults. (Hate that my 11yo is an “adult”.)

For Boardwalk, looks like the Costco packages do better: here Costco beats the UT and reseller tix combo by $188 for 1 adult and $172 for 4 adults.

Of course, still looks like MVT special packages packages would easily beat that Costco package - a quote I got from MVT for 5 nights at BC (I didn’t get a BW quote) this summer was $1706. (including tax!) Add in 4 adult reseller tix to that and it comes to $3526. That is $719 LESS than Costco for a 5 day trip.

I usually book rental cars through Costco. I also follow some RCL cruise posts and it seems that often Costco can beat that price. I believe for wdw swan/dolphin can be a good package but that may all change soon?

Yay! I was hoping that JJT would crunch some numbers.
I have requested a quote from MVT and PD & PH.
Still waiting for offers to come out for my time period.
PD & PH told me that Express couldn’t be added to other packages. So if we wanted it, we would have to book one of the resorts that include it. Is this correct info?
Thanks all for the great info

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You would have to do that if you wanted it to be included at no additional cost. However, you can also buy it on site on a day-by-day basis if you determine that you need it. Having the Express Pass makes for extremely stress free tutoring, and if you have a lot of people in your family, it is cheaper to just book into one of the deluxe resorts that include it. However, if it is only you and one or two other people, and you are going during a lower attendance time, you may be better off just waiting to see if you need it once you’re there.

Thanks @rebeecky
She told me Express Pass could not be added. I thought this was wrong info.
I do understand that it may be more cost effective to book the deluxe instead of adding it later. We are going to be a group of 5 families. 23 people altogether. Split stay.
WDW first then Uni. Week of Thanksgiving 2019

I believe she was correct in saying that it could not be added to the package. But what she failed to mention was that you could buy it separately on site.

Thanks so much for the info