Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 3

Yikes! :scream:

Also yikes! :scream:

It’s now up to at least 10 states.



ABC is now listing 12, and they don’t have Louisiana yet.

CDC ACIP is meeting Friday. I think FDA authorization is needed first though?


Massachusetts just opened it up to everyone.


New in the MMWR today:

So, yeah, there’s some fluctuation on the precise ratios, but the studies are at least coming in ballpark the same.

And, yeah, it’s unfortunate we don’t have similar data for post-infection protection, but that’s challenging if only 1/4 of infections are even being detected.


At least 15 states now…


This was interesting. Do you have these variants over there?


Nope, not yet. They’ve found isolated cases but nothing in any quantity. It’s still all plain vanilla Delta right now.

This morning the FDA authorized boosters for everyone 18 and up. CDC advisory group meets today to discuss it, and then CDC will make the final call.

Y’know. Other than the now 17 states that have already moved ahead and opened up boosters themselves. :no_mouth:


I don’t think there is any official word but our county in MD has been giving boosters to anyone since the beginning of October. Although, it’s not like they need the vaccine for any first timers :roll_eyes:

Booster question: I took Pfizer both times earlier but now am reading a lot that it’s better to boost with Moderna. I should get a booster. But…I am scared to change. It scares me to put a different one into my body. I realize this isn’t scientific. Thoughts?

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Haven’t done it yet, but I had Pfizer and am having Moderna on Tuesday. It was deliberate as I want as broad of coverage as possible. Will let you know how it goes!

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I got Pfizer for my first two shots and decided to get Moderna for my booster as well. Figured I would be better protected. I had zero side effects (same with Pfizer also).


We have no choice, we had AZ and boosters are only Pfizer or Moderna. We also won’t have a choice which one. I’d guess we’ll get Pfizer as they didn’t get that many Moderna. We’re not eligible yet, it has to be 6 months.


I was going to have DH get Moderna for a booster since his first two were Pfizer and I’d heard that there might be a little more protection as the two are not exactly the same.

The person taking our info pre-booster said that the extra protection from the other vaccine wasn’t accurate. I chose Moderna for him anyway - I don’t know that person’s credentials - and saw it noted on his paper. But the tech giving the shot had two Pfizer doses waiting so we both got the same as the initial two rounds. I sure didn’t want the Pfizer to go to waste.

I wasn’t worried about his reaction to the Moderna. He seems to have the ultimate survival constitution. :smirk:

He’s got COPD, so plenty of flu and pneumonia vaccines on board.

Also, @amvanhoose , anecdotally, anyone walking up to this in clinic vaccination site seemed to get a vaccination, no questions asked. Wait, did we have our cards? DH’s had gotten washed. The info was looked up and card issued. I note that Missouri is not on the list of anyone can get a booster. Since most counties seem to have woeful % vaccinated, I’m thinking actual formal policy may be a long time till officially announced.

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Washington is also not on the list of “everyone can get a booster” but I was able to make an appointment at CVS as was DD21. I had tried to make an appointment thru my health plan (Kaiser permanente of WA) and was denied. CVS didn’t even ask about qualifications.


Interesting distinction.

And that’s all I’m saying about that.

Is there a box of chocolates emoji?

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Yes, IIRC, there was an NIH (I think?) study that showed Moderna giving a bit more protection, but I think their study used a full dose as the booster. I believe the boosters actually authorized are a full dose for Pfizer and a half dose for Moderna. (The original full doses for Moderna were larger but also had more side effects, so Moderna requested it be halved.)

So, mileage is definitely really going to vary.

Actually, it is somewhat scientific. You already know that you don’t have some weird body chemistry that doesn’t play nicely with Pfizer! :crazy_face: Several experts have said that if your initial doses went well overall, there is no need to change. Feel free to stick with Pfizer. If Pfizer isn’t readily available, I’d go with whatever id available rather than delaying though.


In case it is helpful to anyone now pondering booster options, you can use the clip above to jump back to my earlier mental dump on them.

TL;DR Any booster is better than no booster. There are some nuances that I fleshed out in the above linked mental dump, but overthinking it probably isn’t necessary.

At some point in the future, it will likely be like your annual flu vaccine, that you just take whatever is on hand.

For those that like data…

So most people that got Pfizer or Moderna stuck with their original. J&J is more mixed. It is a bit concerning that a higher portion of J&J haven’t been boosted yet.

Canada has approved vaccinations for ages 5-11.

They have authorized 2 doses of Pfizer, same as US.


I had Pfizer initially and Pfizer as my booster. I got different reactions each dose, so my immune system must be reacting just fine to Pfizer. (First dose: sore arm, second dose: sore arm/shoulder and a little fatigue, third dose: more fatigue, swollen lymph nodes in my arm pits for a few days). I just took what they had for my initial and booster.