Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 3

We in the U.K. were told today that a positive rapid test is likely to be correct and doesn’t need to be followed up by a PCR.


They aren’t supposed to. The specificity % is supposed to be specifically for Covid. (There are antibody tests out there though that have that disclaimer when you read the details, that they might pick up other coronaviruses.)

I’m still seeing confusion on conflicting test results out of the UK. They are wondering if it’s something with Delta or even another variant or a regional issue or what, but no solid answers yet. (Negative PCR tests would never get sequenced to find out the variant.)

The advice I’ve been seeing from the UK is to assume any positive test is correct, especially if you have symptoms.

This is very reasonable.

This is what the CDC recommends for vaccinated close contacts:

If one wanted to be extra cautious, I’ve seen it suggested to do an at-home test on Day 3 and a PCR on Day 5, and be careful until the PCR comes back.

For unvaccinated close contacts, I’m leaning towards using the test-and-stay procedure that Massachusetts is using in their schools:

Basically mask in public and test daily (if out and about) for 7 days.

This is the actual CDC policy for unvaccinated close contacts, which while preferable, may be a hard sell as not realistic in many situations:

I hope whatever you has stays mild and you get better soon. You might get a pulse oximeter just to keep an eye on your oxygen levels. Delta has sent some people downhill really quick and that would likely give you an earlier indicator.


This is probably true, and is fine from a population perspective, but the percentage of false positives could be high enough that if I tested positive on a rapid test, had no symptoms, it had been a few days from exposure, and I didn’t live with someone who was testing positive, I would follow up with a PCR to save my sanity.


So by this thought I need another test.

Going to isolate from kids and test again this weekend.

I this is why I’m feeling like the celebrating is premature. But will keep with the isolating in my room, wearing a mask when leaving it, and praying for the best.

We have a pulse ox somewhere around here, but DH can’t find it. A kid wandered off with it? So he’s swinging out to find me another one.

Astros v Red Sox game tomorrow will be a great excuse to stay in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Let’s go ‘Stros!


I mean, obviously you need copious amounts of food and beverage to test your senses of taste and smell, yes? :laughing:

Yeah, I’ll definitely post here if I see anything getting resolved from the UK looking into the tests (if the Brits don’t beat me to it).

If it was just anecdotal lay people reports, I wouldn’t be as concerned. But it’s healthcare workers, and multiple ones in some offices. Maybe just strange randomness converging, but with their current caseload in the UK, they’ll be trying to sort it quickly.

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The discussion we had was regarding “pooled tests”. Everyone swabs and puts a group on a vile. If the vile is positive, it is confirmed who is positive through a rapid test. The combo of positive/positive makes it reliable.

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So DS12’s private school (330 students pre-k thru 8) is having an outbreak. So far we are aware of 2 6th graders a few weeks ago, 1 5th grade teacher and 1 student last week and the middle school history teacher and likely 2 7th graders this week. One of the 7th graders parents works at the school and has still been in the building this week. This is the school that takes no precautions with a priest actively telling people to not get vaccinated. If it wasn’t a crappy time to change schools, we wouldn’t be there. Not that the public school is doing much more.

Do the students/staff wear masks?

About half did last year. This year very few. DS brought covid home with him last year and is vaccinated. I’m not too concerned he will get it since he has double protection? I saw an article yesterday that said those who have had covid and the vaccine should be the last people to get the booster since they have more immunity.


I haven’t been on the forum much lately b/c DH was finally able to have his long delayed surgery at end of Sept, and is doing well, but everyone requires much more of me these days. Very, very happy the surgery finally happened, as it was originally June 2020. He will be much better able to walk. I am really excited that DD9 might be able to start vaccination in a few weeks, really hoping that goes through and that we can get an early appt. Also incredibly worried that something will happen to mess up Halloween, our absolute favorite holiday. I really don’t want anyone sick or required to quarantine then, but I also know it’s pretty much out of our hands, as we are already doing all we can to not get sick every day. Right after my DH had surgery we had a cold go through the house which required 2 rushes out the door to get kids PCR tests, at different days, plus our helper had to leave when he got sick (also neg for covid). Not fun.


I probably would too if I had no symptoms, because I wouldn’t believe it.

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That makes me so sad! And a bit confused, since it’s completely out of alignment with Pope Francis.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re under the weather! I hope that your next test comes out negative and you feel better soon.


Here, we’ll have to agree to disagree. [Looks for Red Sox hat.] :wink: :grinning:


Have I mentioned just how much I hate COVID recently? The kids were so looking forward to this. 7th grade is the first year of the school dances here.


I’m sorry. Hopefully things will look a lot better in the spring and indoor dances can go ahead then.


[Shoves the Red Sox hat further under the seat cushion.] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yikes, yeah, I can see the contract tracing being an issue. Y’know, if you’re in a place that takes that sort of thing seriously. (Please read that as “I’m so frustrated our schools here aren’t!”)

I’m so sorry for the kids’ disappointment. It just keeps piling on. :disappointed:

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Asking for prayers for my work mom’s son Billy. He’s early 40s, relatively healthy aside from being overweight, and in the hospital with covid. He’s been in there 5 weeks now and he’s currently sedated and intubated since Sunday. They’ve been told it does not look good. The last thing he said to them was he was sorry and he loved them. They are so sad and so angry because he didn’t think he needed to get vaccinated since he’s young and healthy and it didn’t need to be this way. Luckily he is single and has no children, but this is heartbreaking watching their son die slowly and painfully and not being able to talk to him, much less see him. So please if you are the praying type say an extra prayer for them.


LT - this is so sad. It can happen to anyone - which is why I wish people would just get vaccinated! Sending prayers


Me too! It is so sad. She said her husband cries every day and that just kills me bc that is not his temperament at all. They have a daughter and 2 grandkids too and they are used to facetiming with uncle Billy and they don’t understand. It’s so tragic.