Convince me - spontaneous trip

I read these forums daily and greatly value the expert opinions of the members here.
So, I’m reaching out for advice. My family (DH, DS5, DSalmost2, and me) have a chance to go to WDW this weekend- leave our house Thursday night, be at WDW Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, leave WDW early Monday morning.
DH is 100% on board with the trip - he sees the low crowds from the opening day reports and the low wait times and he’s like we need to go.
I’m a little less convinced.
We can easily take the time off and money is not a concern for this trip. We were originally planning to go this May prior to the shutdown. We would be driving on this trip to avoid airports etc.
We are not in an at-risk category for health and we both have jobs that would not be impacted if we were to need to quarantine/self isolate.
My dad is in poor health but he does not live with us (200 miles away) and it would not be difficult for us to avoid him for 2 weeks.
My son is supposed to start kindergarten on 7/29. My main concern is the school would not let him attend until 14 days after we return from Florida.

So I’d like your advice- convince me - should we stay or should we go? It’s not the end of the world if we don’t go - my kids are not aware of the possibility of the trip.

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea, try watching several videos of people having live streamed their trips. If I had any reservations about going, watching how Disney is handling things has completely assuaged any such fears. I just don’t see how they possible make things any safer! But that’s just me. Trick is going to be avoiding risk on the way there and back. I presume you plan to stay on property?


We would drive over night with minimal stopping - its about a 12 hr trip, which is long with two small kids - but DH drives A LOT of miles for his job and has no problem. The overnight hours are specifically to capitalize on as many sleeping hours as possible for the kids. We would pack snacks and also a potty in the back of the van to avoid stopping along the way.
Honestly, my biggest concerns are 1- the school not letting him start Kindergarten on time due to us being in FL. and 2- all the judgement from people because we went on a non-essential trip to gasp Disney World.
I don’t have any problem wearing a mask - they just don’t bother me. I don’t think DS5 will have any trouble keeping it on because Disney World.
I think the safety precautions they have implemented are top notch. But again - we’re in a pandemic and its not “essential” that we travel for pleasure right now…

Sorry - didn’t respond. Yes - we’d likely stay at Pop. And we’d drive to and from the parks to avoid transportation.

I just had a close call with a trip killer - my employer announced the release of travel directives. I dodged that as the directive was very non-directive as it turns out.

But this piece just occurred to me last night: my son’s school has announced 100% live instruction in the fall, but what they haven’t announced is the other associated policies. My daughter’s school hasn’t made any announcements at all. If they have to quarantine on arrival home before returning to school - which I do think is reasonable, actually - I think the trip gets killed (again)


We are actually supposed to receive an “orientation” video today. But there is no formal instruction so far on if there are restrictions regarding travel.
Our area is very rural and has been very minimally impacted. I really do worry about them not letting him come to school if we’ve been in FL though.

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I just got back from the AP previews and did a full trip report if you want to see some of the safety precautions we saw in the park. We are returning this Thursday, also staying at Pop!, and I am keeping it off social media for the same reason.
Our situation is such that we both work from home and can easily self quarantine, have no kids or grandparents close to us. We flew and that was the most anxiety inducing part but we decided to take a calculated (very calculated) risk and go. We don’t have kids so school wasn’t an issue.
At the end of the day, only you can decide what is right for your family. Can you call the school to ask if they would have any type of restriction before deciding?


I did read your trip report and I LOVED IT!!!
Yes- there are 2 things on the list for the day- DH calls the school and I get the green light from my boss (won’t be a problem).
Other than that, I just need to calm my nerves honestly.
I actually expected to hear more people telling me not to go.
But I have been overly impressed by Disney’s precautions in place.
I got off all social media in early May- social media was becoming a place that creating more anxiety and anger in me rather than fun so I just ditched it.


So, if they require a quarantine he’ll miss the first half-week of school? Would he be able to return (assuming no illness, of course) the first full week?

I wonder, too, if they’ll allow him to return first day if you are able to show a negative COVID test. If not, and if he would only be missing 3 days, I’d go for it. I’m in a similar situation. We return 8/2 and our school starts 8/10. Unsure yet of how that’ll look for us but I really don’t have an issue with them missing the first week if necessary. I’m sure they will have more review build into the beginning of school this year than normal anyway and don’t worry about them missing much.

Yes! Getting off social media is key! I am on but I never post or engage. Hardly read Facebook ever. Should just delete my account. Does make for a happier life!


If they require quarantine with no illness he would miss the first 3 days. My main concern is that he’s a Kindergartner starting at a new school and he’d miss the first 3 days of “new” instruction… Am I just an over-anxious mom? haha… he’s likely more adaptable than I am.

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I deactivated my account! I get on my husbands account once every 2 weeks or so to check my kids’ daycare FB page.
It’s nice not to hear all the drama and negativity.


Probably. :wink: I was like that too - especially when my oldest start Kinder. It’s my understanding that K students take a long while to adjust to school and then when they finally do Fall Breaks hits and they start all over. And then Thanksgiving and then Christmas…:laughing: So I doubt missing three days will put him behind anyone else if that’s your concern.

Honestly- the kid is very bright. He’s been reading for 8 months and can do addition and subtraction so I’m not worried about him falling behind learning-wise. I’m more concerned that he’ll be behind as far as getting acclimated to the new environment. He’s ADHD and sometimes struggles with change, and this is a big change because it’s an entirely different school with lots of new rules.
I just emailed my boss to get her green light - if I get that then I’ll have DH call the school so we’ll see what happens from there.

A few years ago I asked DS’s kindergarten teacher about missing the first week of first grade. Her advice was to avoid that time because they are settling into routines and making connections - DS is anxious like his mother and I didn’t want to put any additional stress on him. We ended up going the 3rd week.

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Thank you for this response…
I am worried about him making connections- we are a small community and there are a ton of kids who will already know each other. DS5 knows one other person in his K class. I really think we’re leaning on not going if he’d miss. I got the green light from my boss, so now it’s really up to the school and what they say.

I have almost the same criteria - no kids / no seniors / job that I can do from home / etc…

I had an upcoming Sept trip. What convinced me to cancel were the testimonials from people here & now in person about how awful COVID is when you get it - I don’t mean the “it’s gonna kill you”, but the “what’s it really like if you get it?”

For me it came down to - Do I want to feel so violently ill for weeks / months just to go on a 5 - 10 day vacation.

Sure… maybe / probably I won’t get it, but if you do it’s miserable

I’m not judging anyone who goes. Heck, I’ve watched so many vloggers / read every trip report. It came down to risk / reward for me. These parks aren’t going anywhere. I’ll be back ASAP.


One more thing I had to consider… Yes, you are getting very low crowds. However, you are still paying full price for a limited experience. A lot of ride effects are turned off, no fireworks / shows and the parks are operating for much fewer hours & more.

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This is a good point - but it doesn’t really impact me that much. DS5 doesn’t do fireworks (scared of the dark and of loud noises). His favorite ride is Dumbo. The limited hours work for us because we never spend ALL day in the parks anyway. In the past we’ve done Rope drop until 2-3pm and then pool time in the evenings after nap. DSalmost2 is terrified of character meets but loves rides like VotLM, PPF, IaSW and Dumbo. Lots of Dumbo for my family.

I am still on the fence of if it’s worth it or not though- HS has no availability the days we’d be there and TSL is DS5’s favorite. We went last fall and were there for the EEMH and we probably rode TSM 10 times in less than two hours because there was no wait. But we could still make a case for going just to MK (where there are the most rides for my kids) and AK…

I’m still undecided. Part of me says go and part of me says do not go.

I completely understand. My thought is that at full price it’s your choice to opt out of those activities. Now, at full price you don’t get that choice.

I’m not trying to talk you out of it. :grinning:

I had to have this debate with myself for months and I empathize with what you are going through. These were the criteria that made me cancel. I had my trip booked 435 days in advance, so it was heartbreaking when I did cancel.