Controversial Crocs announcement

So . . . on the Sunday I check out of the Poly, have breakfast there, monorail to Epcot, do Soarin’, SSE and TT, then walk to YC.

Hopefully my room will be available when I get there (I’m aiming to arrive at 3pm).

But also, hopefully my luggage will be there when I get there. (I’m going to get the Poly to do the transfer.)

But what if my luggage isn’t there when I get there? The plan is to go to Stormalong Bay, which means I’m going to need appropriate clothing and footwear. I’m only carrying a fairly small day bag which means . . . I’m going to wear my Crocs with socks all day until I get to the pool. They’re too big to carry around while wearing regular shoes.

I accept this will be shocking to many. But there it is. Deal with it.


I have worn sneakers with a dress at Disney. Normally horrifying but comfort and practicality trumps fashion at Disney IMO.


Wow! To each his own. I would never wear socks with Crocs. Of course, I don’t wear Crocs anymore because they can be quite dangerous for a clumsy person to wear. (I’m very clumsy). But, to each his own. You’re welcome to wear whatever you want to… Go for it. And don’t forget that we want pictures…


Nor would I. But if I’m going to wear them for half a day, I’m going to have to. They rub.

No pictures of me wearing crocs and socks will be made available. Anyone seen taking such pictures will have their camera confiscated and smashed.


Just, whatever you do, DON’T wear the Crocs (with or without socks) at V&A.


I might have a comedy photo taken of just that. For funzies.


I have socks with Mickey heads on them that I have worm with my keens, and a skirt, to signature restaurants. There- I said it- and I was happy!


This is part of the joy of WDW. You can do things like this and just not care. No-one who knows you will see. Plus — and I mean this so kindly — many people will be vastly worsely dressed.


Ah! Good sir! Have you any smelling salts? I fear I’m about to faint!

Why do you need the socks?

No worries, my 6 year old does that all the time :joy::joy:


Crocs rock

Socks fit in your bag

hah… sorry, I saw that after I’d posted.

I get it. I’m not a fan, either, for the same reason. My DS lives in them, though. He’s even got a pair of lined crocs for the winter.

I love crocs

I even have “dressy” crocs which one would kormkdentifu as crocs without closey examining.

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I feel like that’s not actually a word.


I feel like that’s because it was a two martini dinner


Not identify as crocs

I thought maybe you were using the president’s dictionary.




I just laughed so hard that my family thinks I have been drinking two martinis!

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