Contract opinions

Which do you think is better to have and why?

Two 75 point contracts at different resorts or
Two 75 point contracts at the same resort ?


Depends on why you’re getting two contracts.

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Agree with this question.

Also - do you nees the 11 month advantage? If so, are you willing to keep track of banking and barrowing to make sure tou have enough points to book at 11 months.

I wouldn’t get two contracts at SSR, OKW, and AKV as they almost always have availability at 7 months. I might get one at one of those and one at my top “hard to get resort” or two at hard to get resorts. Then for the “hard to get” use bank and barrow to have 150 points for booking at 11 months.

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I have 75 already at GFV, looking to add another 75, but now I’m thinking should I stick to GFV or try another resort


What makes you want to look at a different resort

I was thinking the riviera would be nice for Epcot/HS heavy stays. However I don’t particularly like the resale restrictions although I can’t imagine trying to sell the contract.
The plan was always to buy more at GFV but I feel like they’re really overselling it at the moment, and I know it’s getting more difficult to change resorts at 7 months.
Just thinking out loud I guess

Stick to the plan

They can’t oversell it? They can only sell what has been built into the association. I’m confused by that.


The prices are great right now (especially price per point per year) and it is a great resort!I think sticking to the plan will make life easier for you with little downside.


I have two home resorts and I think I will add a third before I retire. I did this because my home resort was not an advantage at the 11 month window during some months of the year (CCV). As long as the resort studios work for your family, you should be ok? How tough is it these days November and December? Will you travel those months?

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I’m definitely finding over the last year it’s difficult to switch at 7 months.
We are perfectly happy with GFV and OKW but the idea of having a third contract somewhere else seems appealing.

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ahh yes but we aren’t going to be buying for a few months at least…. And no more than 75 points so we don’t qualify for all the “deals”

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But if you buy 75 points, and have 75 points, wouldn’t that put you at the 150 you need? (Or…do you currently own resale?)

She’s talking about discounts on the purchase price for incentives, not membership extras. You usually have to buy the 150 all at once to get the developer points and stuff.

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Oh. Got it!

I am running into this too…

Well, it was rumored but the GFV are now 230 pp.

That’s helping me lean towards riviera instead….

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DVC sales leaders:

They done screwed up with Riviera and it’s still, all these years later, not selling well. They need to move it. Therefore (almost) everything else will be designed to get people to buy there, even knowing the restrictions should you ever sell it on resale.


Do you think that’s the reason people aren’t buying?

I have two other contracts so I’m the event I ever needed to sell something I could always sell those.

The other Epcot area resorts (beach club/boardwalk) don’t really appeal to me, and I would like something that utilizes other transportation rather than just buses. These are my thoughts.

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Since the points charts are high at both GFV and RR, I think the resale restrictions is the deciding factor that stops many buyers.

I do

A big part of what makes DVC a less risky purchase is the knowledge that you can always sell it someday and while you shouldn’t count on making money on it you can generally count on at least recouping your investment when you do that. Riv is less desirable as a resale purchase because of the restrictions. Sure, you’ll still see folks buy it but I think the majority shies away from it because they also enjoy that DVC allows you to stay at many different resorts - except in this case. I also think, although it does okay on resale, the resale values have suffered in a way the rest have not.

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