Considering one more ADR

Howdy Touring Plans family…I am considering adding another ADR to our November trip. We are staying at Beach Club and have a 7 day park hopper pass. Here is what I have so far (and, yes, we are on the Dining Plan):

Day 1 - Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern (new experience)
Day 2 - Breakfast at Tusker House (new experience)
Day 3 - Dinner at Biergarten (new experience)
Day 4 - Dinner at Beaches and Cream (new experience)
Day 5 - Dinner at 'Ohana (repeat experience)
Day 6 - Dinner at Via Napoli (new experience)

Both Via Napoli and Beaches & Cream can easily be paid for out of pocket, so I thought about adding another ADR that would make better use of our TS dining credits. I have thought about Cape May Cafe for breakfast or the Bon Voyage breakfast…50s prime time cafe for a lunch…or braving Disney Springs. Are there any fabulous, 1 TS credit meals that you would recommend I try for? On our last trip we ate dinner at BOG, lunch at Sci-fi diner, dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe, breakfast at Garden Grill, breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, and dinner at 1900 Park Fare. 'Ohana was a must repeat for us, but I’d like to try new places if we can.

Thank you for your advice!

Raglan Road at DS. Or maybe Homecoming, I haven’t eaten there but it gets rave reviews.

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The Tirf Club at Saratoga is nice, and near to DS.

I also like The Wave at the Contemporary and Sanaa at AKL.

Artist Point at WL is on my to-do list.

And I liked what used to be Cpatian’s Grille at YC but that is changing - I would hope it would keep some of it’s character and food in it’s new guise.

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My favorite so far that you’ve not listed is Sanaa at AKL

Homecomin is the one I’m most looking forward to trying on an upcoming trip.

50s is the one our family still talks about 8 years later - it was just so fun :slight_smile:

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Via Napoli was probably the worst dining experience I had at WDW during my recent trip. Expensive (though I guess you don’t care if you’re on the dining plan) and poor quality. Plus incredibly, incredibly loud. So loud.

I also vote for Sanaa. And, of course, Tiffins.

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VN is on my short list of favorites. Yes, it can get loud, but the pizza is excellent and a pretty good value - at least by WDW standards. But if you don’t plan on eating pizza, skip it and go to Tutto Italia instead; much nicer atmosphere and better (non pizza) Italian food and service.

For 1 credit TS meals, I would recommend Raglan Road in DS or Sanaa at Kidani. Both excellent, just depends on where your tastes lie. I would recommend Sanaa for lunch so it’s daytime and you can see the animals. Raglan Road I would recommend for dinner so you can enjoy the music and dancing. Morimoto’s in DS is also excellent, but as I never use the DDP, I have no idea if it’s on the plan or how many credits it might use.


Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! I now have tons of places to look at for our trip. Does anyone have any experience with Trails End? I have some picky eaters, but that location seems to have a lot of things my crew would devour. My concern is getting there without spending too much time traveling to and fro.

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50s diner we had slow service and and to wait 2 mins to be sat down despite pre booking and nowhere near as entertaining as I expected so based on our experience I would avoid that one

We didn’t have time for dessert as we would have missed our show and we arrived with plenty of time

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Another vote for Sanaa. Has become one of our new faves at Disney. We had a party of 5, so couldn’t sit by the windows, seating there is for 4 or less. But it was still great. We hung out with the animals just outside the entrance, so that was cool. The setting of restaurant itself is really unique, food was really good too.

Picky eater littles did fine there too, childrens menu is pretty standard picky eater fare.

50s is also a good pick. We don’t go every trip, and have been disappointed last few times that were no hijinks, food not the best at Disney. But still worth going at least once for the kitschy, fun atmosphere.

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Typo? This does not seem unreasonable.

Sorry my mistake - its a typo!

We had to wait 20 mins to be sat down

Which messed up things a bit as we had a show to get to etc

And we didn’t get the great experience others seem to get there if they get the best servers

20 mins would stretch my patience. Beyond 20 I’d be upset.

I’m glad to hear it was a typo and really a 20 minute wait. At 2 I was thinking very bad things about how you must expect the world to revolve around you wherever you go! :joy: 20 is long enough to be annoying - I’ve had longer, but a lot also depends on your plans after the meal where the delay in eating may really matter to you…

I agree with @profmatt. Via Napoli was definitely one of the worst experiences we had in April. We were very unimpressed. I also agree with Tiffins, but it takes 2 Credits. Absolutely our favorite 2 credit restaurant, though!

Raglan Road in Disney Springs is a must go for us. Late afternoon/evenings has a great show. We plan on going there at least twice the next time we are in the world… :slight_smile:


What is it about VN that you didn’t like? I have a lunch reservation there, and now I’m rethinking it. I was just hoping for some good pizza.

What kind of picky eater food did your kids find to eat at Saana ?

We are thinking the same thing. Even though we are on the dining plan, I was going to pay out of pocket for VN so we could split a pizza but not be charged one credit per person. I thought most people loved it, but now I have my doubts.

The kids menu has basic fare. My daughter did well with the bread service and shared some butter chicken and rice.

Re the 50s diner. From reading trip advisor advisor waiting a while to sit for booked reservations seems to happen a lot there. So just bear that in mind if you have tight schedules for shows or fastpasses etc.

Like I say we had to skip dessert to get to where we needed to be in time

@Donohoe- on the kiddos menu: pizza, mac & cheese, cheeseburgers. Sigh. Oh well, they’re my grands, not my kiddos. Haha. At my house growing up, you either ate what was on my menu of the evening, or you had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

It’s a different time, different generations do things differently. Great time for me to MYOB haha.