Complicated AP question

When you renew your AP, you get a 20% discount on the price, I believe.

Does that work even if you upgrade (or downgrade) to a better pass? I’m currently on a Power pass. But with the discount the Preferred or even Premier might be worth it for the shopping discounts and (with Premier) EP after 4pm.

Yes! Universal gives you the 20% discount for staying a Passholder. You get the discount on any AP because you are staying in the AP family! They are happy if you upgrade while you are doing it!

If I stay at a Seasonal Pass I’ll save $80. If I were to upgrade I’d get $150 discount off the Premiere Pass


Oh wow! That’s awesome. I’ll be using my pass in December and April and may well take another trip within my membership year. Given that there will be four of us in December, the food and merch discount will really be worth it. And the EP makes my April and third trip much more attractive if I can stay somewhere cheap.


I’m assuming that I can use my discount for everyone?


Yep! Only one person has to place the order / pay. (Unless you want to “split” the check! :crazy_face:)

When I watch RixFlix only Rick has the Preimere Pass. His wife has a Power Pass. He’s always joking about having to “buy” her stuff!


Don’t know how I got it but I renewed and got a lot more than 20%. New AP for two people costs $2110. Renewal for premium Pass cost me 1002 for the both of us. Go figure. I pounced on it.


There may be a spanner in the works.

The website says that if you want to upgrade when you renew you have to renew in person. Which I can’t do. Or, at least, not in time to get the discount.

No problem… just take another trip so you can be there in person!! :+1:t2::+1:t2::rofl::rofl:

(I do hope you find an actual solution :crossed_fingers:t2:)


My preferred renewal for 2 was $851.

If you look at the renewal website, it says 20% but the numbers they give are from before the last hike in prices.

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Oooh! Can you renew online, or does it have to be in person?

I renewed online

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Here’s the issue:

How exactly do I head to a front gate ticket booth? (As I understand it, the 20% renewal discount has to be within a month of your renewal date.)

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I’ve e-mailed guest services.


Yeah, a little hard for you to show up at that ticket booth for sure.


I got a reply from guest services.

It was utterly generic and didn’t answer my question. It was like they didn’t even read the e-mail.


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That’s annoying.

I’m trying one more time.

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Have you tried Twitter? The UO guest services team, IME, responds in a few minutes and you can chat with a live person.


Have started a chat with them …