Coming Soon: Disney MagicMobile Service


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After some hands-on experience with this… my recommendation would be to “hang onto your magic bands”.

It works, but only about 75% of the time give or take. When it did…it was great, acted just like a MB. Didn’t have to do anything on my Apple Watch or my phone, just put it up to the tapstyles and I’m in. No muss no fuss.

But when it didn’t, it just refused to work no matter what. So I was glad I brought along my MB as backup.

Still waiting on those Apple Watch bands, @Disney. No rush, but the clock’s ticking…


Do you know what version of apple watch it works with? We’ve got the passes added to the wallet on our phones, but having trouble adding them to the wallets on our iWatch.

My watch is the series 6. It SHOULD work with any that works with Apple Pay

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I have a question! My next trip is just me and DS, he will be 17 and already has his own MDE. Should I be setting up a pass for him or should he just do that on his own phone? We both have iPhones.

I would have him put the pass on his phone if he will be carrying it to the parks. Otherwise, you will have to tap in for him if you have his pass.


That’s what I thought but the instructions confused me!