Coffee pots...why is this so difficult?

I don’t understand why it seems to be so hard to find an official answer as to what kind of coffee pot is in each room at Disney. When you do searches, including watching videos, the results are mixed.

Some rooms use Keurigs. Some use Cuisinart with their little pod things. Some are actual Mr. Coffee. Some are other full-size coffee pots.

If we want to bring (or order) coffee, what kind of filters do we need? This is basic information, and yet I can’t seem to find a reliable source for this.

Here is a screen grab from one YouTube video:


And here is a grab from Touring Plan’s own YouTube video of the Boardwalk villa:


That one appears to be an actual Mr. Coffee.

I’m specifically trying to find out about the Boardwalk Villas 1-bedroom. When I find results about the Boardwalk specifically on-line, I’ve seen inconsistent responses.

You can always use a folded paper towel as a filter. I’ve done it many times in a pinch

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You may be very picky, and if so, I get it! But you know they give you the coffee, right?

I don’t drink coffee. But my wife does. And yes. She’s picky. (Although, not as picky as my DS21, who is what you might call a coffee snob!)

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Of course…do they give enough coffee filters to last 8 nights? That’s the real question!

So it’s these large pods that they give you. I think specifically to avoid the filter situation. But they will give you as much as you want!

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They are usually coffee packs that are encased in a filter



Right. WHich is exactly why we need to know what kind of filters to buy. We don’t plan to use their coffee. :slight_smile:

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They give you premeasured filter/coffee pack. They usually start you with three but they are free and you can call for more. They make a solid 8 (or so) Mr Coffee pot.

Okay. If they accept those pods, then flat-bottom coffee filters should be fine. They aren’t cone filters.

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I was just going to say, probably whatever type of filter you have at home will be ok, bigger is probably better. If it pokes out of the edges of the machine, you’ll survive!

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We use Keurig at home…so…well…that won’t work! :wink:

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DVC villas, including studios, all have the flat bottomed coffee makers.

The only exception I’ve seen posted is the tower studios at Riviera.

Okay. This is what I was hoping to know.

(Why can’t Disney just include this bit of information on their website?)

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They sell the filters/coffee in the resort “convenience store” I thought. (The Contemporary has the store I buy our filters at) They do for the DVC resorts at least. Maybe a quick call to the resort store to double check?

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Are you asking about just filters or the filled filters?

In my case, just filters. We will have our own coffee…but wanted to know about the filters. The coffee my wife drinks is not available in the prepacked filters. Only in Keurig, or the kind you scoop yourself.

Listening to my husband grumble about hotel room coffee supplies is a staple of our vacation so I totally get the importance of this thread…


Wait the studios at Riviera take a different filter? I almost always stay DVC and the flat bottomed coffee filters always did the trick, I will be staying in a Studio at the Riviera in Dec, what filters do i need?

Only the Tower Studios. The teeny, tiny studios for two people.