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Opinions here.

So, for our December 2020 trip, my wife and I decided upon renting DVC at Boardwalk Villas for 7 nights, then the 8th night and final, get a theme park room at the Contemporary (not DVC). This allows us to close our vacation watching fireworks from the balcony, yada yada. Anyhow, it is expensive, but we’ve budgeted for it.

Now, what this means is that this makes it a split stay. That last night, we will still likely do a park the next day and then drive up to my parents (in Ocala).

This got me wondering about Club level. Based on pricing this year, to go from Theme Park room at Contemporary goes from roughly $660 to about $860. But would it be worth it?

Really, the protection of having ACCESS to 90-day FPPs available should we want them is the main appeal, although we’d likely utilize the breakfast as well. Since this will be almost 1.5 years after SWGE opens, I’m hoping FPP access to the rides play a role.

Then again, we might be able to get onto the rides one of the previous 60+ days, which then makes it seem unnecessary.

Just soliciting thoughts.

To get those 90 day FPs you have to book a minimum of 2 CL nights and buy 3 days of FPs.

Plus I would be seriously shocked if there isn’t an option to buy a Star Wars FP “package” by the time of your trip.


So $200 per night extra plus $50 per person each day for 3 days? $700 for 2 people to get 9 top tier fpp. That’s a high price to pay unless other club level benefits are worth a lot.

Ah. Well, okay. The page I was looking at with some details didn’t mention that. I guess that rules it out entirely.

That was going to be a question. Because assuming 1 night, I wasn’t sure how the 3 days of FPs would work. Would they allow it on a split stay? But it makes sense if they require 2 nights.

Thanks. I guess that answers my question. It is definitely NOT worth it.

For us, doing Club Level for just one day when we were planning to go to a park anyway wouldn’t be worth it. We only ever stay CL at AKV (one of our DVC home resorts), but when we do we always spend some time at the resort to fully enjoy the offerings.

As @Nickysyme said, you wouldn’t qualify for the CL FPs with a one night stay anyway, so that would make it a very expensive breakfast…

Agreed. No point if that’s all it amounts to! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Adding to the reasons for not doing it … who knows if the current CL 90+ FP option will still be available in December 2020???

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Oh, for sure. I expect Disney could change anything. I mean, they might decide to just pick up and move their parks to an entirely different location by then! :wink:

But I was only pondering it so that when I made a reservation, I’d protect for the POSSIBILITY. Since that’s kind of off the table, I guess it doens’t matter.

ALTHOUGH, I did read that CL guests get Robes and Slippers. So…I mean…that could change EVERYTHING. :wink:

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Wow! I do not know why I thought it was three nights. When I saw what you wrote I realized it was three days! Thank you!

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…and a DVD player in the room :slight_smile:

What? Sign me up, baby! Because EVERYONE wants to watch a DVD in their room their final night at WDW!

True story…I was so mad when AKL could not get me a CL room but charged me for it that I told them to move robes, slippers, and a dvd player into the room…as I was sitting there sobbing - but I got it all.


Seriously? Now that’s just wrong. I would have been furious, and no robe, slippers, NOR dvd player would appease me. Did they ever refund you?

I have a two night voucher I may never use. It took me months before I could do anything because I was so hurt by so many things. In the long run I received the aplology that I would have accepted right away and that was all I needed.

Why wouldn’t you use it? (You have me curious now!)

I think I have hesitated because I never wanted anything other than the apology. Everyone on this forum knows I love AKL. I mean, I truly love that place. The way I was treated broke my heart. I really didn’t care about the room or anything else, but I did want the apology. It took two years before I could stay at AKL and I returned to Kidani, not Jambo- but I ate in Boma and I didn’t cry!

I see. And using the voucher would make it seem (at least to you) like they might think you were just out to get something out of it…or something like that? I get that, if that’s the case.

Exactly! I know it is silly and maybe someday I will get mad about something else and use it?

No guarantee, but when we stayed at CR back in 2016, we told them up front it was our anniversary and we got all kinds of pixie dust - gifts, 3 anytime fast passes…a really great room. CR is not my fave for theme, but I have to tell you the customer service was the best we ever had of any resort on property

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:confounded: awful

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