Clarification regarding park to park transportation

I feel like I’ve been hearing mixed stories here… what are the facts regarding getting from park to park? I’m staying at one of the affiliate hotels by Disney springs that has transportation to the parks. And I’ve got park hopper passes. When I want to move parks, I know I can get from Epcot to MK, and you can walk from Epcot to HS. But what about AK and not walking (or the boats) to HS? Is there Disney buses between ALL parks all day every day? Or do you need to do some kind of transfers?

And what kind of cost is it to get a Lyft from say MK to AK? (2 adults)

Thanks for the help clarifying!

Yes, there’s park to park buses. Best guess on lyft between parks is $15. We didn’t use for that, but based on other trips we took within the resort. We had no issues with buses a few weeks ago.

Check out this recent thread: All in one travel cheat sheet? and the travel map recommended in there.

This sheet doesn’t show park to park transport, but in the past I have caught a bus from MK to AK.

The one in Metro style does. They’re in grey.

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