Clarification on FastPass policy

First day at Hollywood Studios is just DH and I, and MFSR and Star Tours are kinda the only rides we care to ride, other than SDD. I’d like to get three FPs out of the way early, so that I can possibly scoop up a same day drop for SDD. Is it possible I can get a third FP for, say TSM, and just swipe in, but not actually ride the ride? Does that look shady to the CM at the tap?

If I don’t tap in, but the time passes, will i still be able to schedule more FPs? I feel like I should. I’m sure its not uncommon for someone to have a 9 AM fastpass who doesn’t use it because they sleep in. Or maybe not.

Please help clarify, if you can.

Yes, you can swipe in and not ride. I’ve done it plenty of times and I have never had a CM say anything to me. I prefer to tap in rather than wait for it to drop off because sometimes it does not and that would prevent you booking any more FPs.


Thank you so much!

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Might have to tap into both tapstiles though. See what someone posted in another thread last summer:

“When I was there in March and was trying to add another FP after I tapped into Toy Story Mania, it actually wouldn’t let me add one until after the 2nd tapstile. Which I guess makes difficult for people who just want to tap in to burn a fast pass…”


ugh. I was planning on using it for TSM too. Where is the second tapstile? is it right before you get on the ride?

Haven’t used this FPP system yet, but am I correct that you can book up to 3 in advance but then cannot book any same day until either you’ve tapped in to all 3 or their time periods have expired?

In other words, it’s not a case of picking up one same day as soon as you’ve ridden the first advanced FP or it expires.

Correct. You need to clear all 3 before you book a fourth. There is also the strategy of booking a 9:00 and a 10:30 (presumably Star Tours and MFSR) and booking some garbage FP (muppets) for afternoon. As soon as you tap in for the 9:00, you modify muppets to 9:15. Either use it or expire it, but once you tap in for your 10:30, you’re ready to book "same day"s.


Someone who has recently used a FP on TSM will have to chime in. I don’t remember, and I don’t know if both are always used/active.

Both are not always active. Last trip once we had to tap into both (the second is just as FPP line combines with the standby line) and the next day it is covered so I’m not sure it is predictable.
I did also have some trouble with glitches on MDE when I tried to let a FPP expire, it wouldn’t let me modify or cancel and then I was locked out from doing another, so I would tap it if possible to avoid that again.

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Muppets is where we usually do the “tap and run”. Only have 1 tapstile.


If you are really concerned about it and not going to ride anything, why not just get a Tier 2 show FPP?

You can get a Disney Jr. / VotLM / Frozen / Indy / BatB… FPP.

Tap in and not watch the show. Done! :smiley:


Wait, why don’t you want to just ride TSM?

To your question, I agree if you’re going to burn a FP, get one for a show near your second attraction and modify it as early as possible after you tap in to your second FP.


Muppets is my go to as well. Though I do still like to catch the show as often if I can!


I totally understood “taping out” late last year when every ride was a Tier One. Now, though, with the Tiers “back to normal” I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to do TSM. It’s not my favorite, but IME worth actually doing if you have a FPP at a early time.

The SDD for DHS are 9:31am / 12:01pm / 2:31pm

It’s unlikely you are going to burn 3 FPP before 9:30am. However, you can easily get 3 FPP done by 12pm and definitely before 2:30pm


That makes me feel better because I could not remember tapping in a second time.

There was a cast member standing there making you tap in again.
On another note, before I didn’t realize there was a second tap, I had already made another fast pass in the time we walked through the line and it still let us tap the second time without a problem.

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That is good to know.

Pick a show - easier to get an ideal time. Easier to tap and move on. TSM is harder to get and harder to tap.


The second tap is before the stairs where you merge with the SB line.
Yes you have to tap both, I had the same experience with SDD, and was unable to book a 4th FP until I tapped into the second one.

Because i didn’t think of it :laughing: but now that others have mentioned it, yes of course that’s what i’ll do

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