Same day FP

Once I’ve tapped in to my 3rd FP can I use MDE to book another whilst I’m waiting in line or do I have to use a FP booth in park?

MDE. Have fun!

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MDE - and you can do it right after you tap! Just look out for the couple rides that have two taps - off the top of my head I know that TSM and SM are that way. In that case after the second tap.

Don’t forget the same day drops!

Not heard of rides with 2 taps, seems strange?!

On rides where the FPP line is right alongside the standby line they have the option to do two taps. Just a way to make sure people don’t hope the railing to jump in the FPP line.

Ok, that makes sense. Is there a list of rides with two taps anywhere, just out of interest?

I think there are a lot of rides that have the ability to use two tap pounts, but they’re not always in use.

Pretty sure it doesn’t affect anything. You can still book your next FP once you tap into the first tap point, at the FP entrance. Booking a new one won’t cancel the current one.


are you sure about that? I have definitely read reports of people having to wait until the 2nd tap. Some detailed to the point of searching right away, pulling up the new pass and having to wait until the second tap to confirm.

She’s right, you’ve a always been able to get one straight after the first tap. If you couldn’t, you couldn’t tap and not ride which is a common strategy.

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Fair enough. In that case you’re getting a warning and won’t be able to proceed to confirm.

It doesn’t stop you starting the process at the first tap point though. So nothing to be concerned about in terms of losing your current FP before you ride.

Recent thread where I saw reports, but I know I’ve seen others.

Wonder if the strategy of tap and not ride would be used on rides with two taps. The two I can think of off the top of my head are TSM and SM which are likely to be ridden - where tap and not ride attractions tend to be attractions where two taps are less common - thinking LWTL, shows…

Maybe not a hard and fast rule because second tap is not always in use, but just something to be aware of if you go to book an FPP and see that the current one hasn’t dropped off yet :woman_shrugging: