Cinderella's Royal Table reopens September 24th, but with no princesses

I typically go for breakfast and it’s so filling I rarely “need” to eat until dinner. (Although there’s using a treat or two before then)

They don’t promote it anymore, but breakfast is an "all-you-care-to-eat meal. (I can confirm from many visits, but unsure about lunch / dinner) If you want a seconds or different entree - just tell your server! Since it’s a prix fixe menu the kitchen is just back there cranking them out.


That’s good to know. We thought about doing breakfast there, but it’s pretty pricey and I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. We did a breakfast at BOG and I was sorely disappointed in both the food and experience. It was crowded and very hard to find seats for our party of 4, then our food was barely mediocre… I’ve honestly had hotter and better tasting breakfasts with essentially the same items at a Comfort Inn. :flushed:

We usually eat TS breakfast and dinner and skip lunch, so I’m all for more TS restaurants opening.

I love it! Some of my favorite WDW food!

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Topolino’s at Riviera is the same - you can order multiple entrees at breakfast bc it’s prix fixe.

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Yeah I can remember reading the 2000 Guide that pointed out CMs would no longer have to explain why Sleeping Beauty’s dad had a restaurant in Cindy’s castle.


Maybe it’s me. Just don’t get why they can’t have the characters - especially non-Face ones - just do a cavalcade-like thing through the dining area. Wave, interact with each other in a roped off area maybe.
Rinse and repeat every 15-20 minutes or something.


Yea agree— seeing them from afar would be better then nothing.


I think they tried that at Topolino’s, and found that parents didn’t stop their children from running up and hugging them.

So it’s because of stupid people. :frowning:


That is adorable!

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Has there been any rumors about when/if WDW is going to allow park hopping again?

Actually, they would not let us do that on our visit last month. I heard you could, but our waiter said no.

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This makes CRT more attractive to me. Face characters are weird.

But if there’s no reduction in price then it’s still a hard pass. The food on offer does not justify the price.

The point? You’re eating inside the Castle. How cool is that?


Being in the castle is fun, the food meh. The characters are fun for the kids. Snowwhite made on of my teenage sons blush, “Oh my, you are a tall one”. :rofl:

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There is something Not Right about Snow White —


well… her eyes aren’t symmetrical for one… but that’s just mean :rofl: She is a bit flirty…
I wonder if they feel awkward taking pictures with adults instead of children? My daughters and I had way too much fun bantering with Jack Sparrow last January. And then there was a rare moment, during a down pour, that chip n’ dale’s handler took them under cover near SM and they were SO silly with all the adults.

During our 1998 trip, we ate here for lunch. At that time, the only time you met Cinderella was at breakfast and I think it was only Cinderella.

My family enjoyed eating in the castle and the DH and two boys were more than happy there was no princessy things.

Now’s your chance.

Except I can’t get there. :cry: