Childless Millennials Run Amok: A Trip Report

Hello! This is my first post on the TP Forum, but I’m a long time reader and on-and-off subscriber! I first read the Unofficial Guide in 2003 when my parents were planning a magical, multi-generational trip. I went three times as a child, and just recently went on my first trip as an adult. Since the parks are still closed, I’ve decided to post about my trip from February 2020, before all the madness!

Who: Myself and three friends from high school, all 26 at time of travel. We live in 4 separate states now, but take an annual reunion trip somewhere in the US. 2020 was our 5th year of “Gurls Trips” so we went big and went to WDW. Two of us had been to Disney multiple times, one friend had been once as a child, and for one of our friends this was her FIRST TIME to any Disney park. What could be more exciting??
(For the record, we watched our language, didn’t get too drunk at Epcot, and didn’t ruin any child’s trip :roll_eyes:)

Picture of us: I’m the one in purple.

I currently live in SoCal, so I am also a Disneyland AP holder. I did all the planning for our trip, which meant I set alarms for the middle of the night for our dining and FP plans. WORTH IT. Additionally, I did not want to overwhelm my friends so we had some plans, but it wasn’t as intense as some of you crazies :slight_smile:
(note: I am one of you I just had to hide it!!) Given our age, this was also a more budget trip. It was still totally fun!

When: Feb 8-12, 2020
POP Century and all 4 parks!

My first tip is to use the TP ticket finder. We wanted to go to all four parks and ended up buying a Four-park Magic Ticket (admission to one park per day, one day in each park) that expired on our last park day. This saved us some money and worked well for our schedule! We didn’t need Park Hopping - we saw most things we wanted and were still exhausted by the end of the trip!

And now, let the magic begin!

Arrival day: Sat, Feb 8
This was a bit difficult to coordinate, as we came in on four separate flights with four separate arrival times. My friends B and X arrived before me, and took DME separately to POP. I arrived close enough in time to S, who was the first-time visitor, so I waited for her and we took DME together. Yay!

Silly me, I had done all the planning and so had everyone’s Magic Bands and DME tickets. We all had carry-ons, but I did have to text ME confirmation numbers to my friends in the middle of flying across the country, which was not ideal. Learned that lesson for next time! Fortunately my friends were able to check in to our two adjacent rooms at POP without magic bands. I requested the 50s section, 4th floor, lakeview. We got 60s, 3rd floor, lake view, and it was wonderful.

Picture: view from our room!

We didn’t all land in MCO until about 530pm, and had reservations at Homecomin’ at 730pm. I tried and tried to change this, but the only other option was 930pm which seemed too late. We did our very best but got to Homecomin’ at 745pm on the dot. As it was a Saturday night, they were packed. They also had a private party taking up the outside section, so the restaurant was more than full. The hostess said we had missed our reservation and had to wait. We ended up eating at about 9pm!

While this was disappointing, we ended up having time to check out some stores, eye souvenirs for later, and get some soft pretzels :slight_smile: yum!

Once seated at Homecomin’ we ordered one or two delicious cocktails each, and fried chicken. I had been looking forward to Homecomin’ since we decided we were going to Disney (a year in advance), but panicked and got the fried chicken salad instead of the main entree. DON’T DO THIS. The chicken must have been leftover from the previous day, as it was cold and no longer crispy. It was not what I wanted and not worth it. Fortunately, I got the moonshine cake to make up for my meal that I didn’t enjoy. This cake was SO GOOD. Friends and cake are the very best!!

Once we finished eating, it was already pretty late so we quickly went to POP and went to bed, but not before walking through our strategy for the next day. We had a early morning ahead of us trying to get on ROTR!

Did we get on? Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Having a trip report to begin reading today has made my morning! Thank you for posting!

Thank you for writing! I’ve missed reading trip reports!

Excited to read! I’m a (non-childless) millennial and the trip I took before having kids about 5 years ago was the best trip ever.

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Love your Rapunzel ears!

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That’s nice to hear. Appreciate it. :+1:
I also miss reading trip reports. Continue

Great view! Trip reports make me happy.

Oh its been so long since a trip report, looking forward to the rest.

Yeeesssss!!! Something to look forward to!!!

Yes! Same here! Except my before-children trip was 4 years ago :slight_smile:

This is exactly the sort of thing I’d do!

Altho I actually left Typhoon Lagoon tickets for 5 or 6 at home. Home home. 1165 miles away.


These sorts of things are often easily remedied, and make for great stories in the future!

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Parks Day 1: Hollywood Studios 2/9/20
This was one of the first days that HS opened at 8am for ROTR boarding groups instead of 7am. I believe we took a bus there as the skyliner wasn’t running yet. We were in the park and waiting on Hollywood Boulevard by 730am. In our group of 4, we had 2 phones with MDE downloaded. At 8am when the announcement was made that BGs were now open, neither one of us had seen the button pop up on our app. We could hear people cheering around us as they got groups. Finally, at 8:00:40 (40 seconds!), my friend was able to get through (still nothing on my phone) and we got BG 118. Not what we wanted, but better than nothing. We figured we would get on around dinner time or in the evening.

The other bad news - HS was PACKED. Expected a 6/10 day, but it was 9/10 and everyone was there in the morning. There were cheerleading nationals going on so we were joined by (what felt like) 1000s of teenagers. I also didn’t get the best FP for this day. We “Rope Dropped” Rockin’ Rollercoaster, but still ended up waiting about 45 minutes. Super fun though! We got breakfast at Starbucks and used our FP for Star Tours, then scanned into our Little Mermaid Voyage to burn that FP. Then we headed into Toy Story Land for our Midway Mania FP. The land was super cool! My friends really enjoyed MM. The line for SDD was nearing 90 minutes before noon, so we decided not to wait. Instead, we browsed Galaxy’s Edge before getting to Mama Melrose’s for our Fantasmic lunch package. I thought the food here was just fine, I also think I’m spoiled since throughout the trip I felt that the food at Disneyland was better. Very relaxing atmosphere though! We were able to get an early evening Terror FP during lunch.

We were so tired at this point (especially those of who were on West Coast time), so we did Muppet’s 3D and Indiana Jones and took turns “resting our eyes” through them :slight_smile: Then we had a Cantina reservation. It was crowded and loud, but still very fun!

We were fried at this point, and took the Skyliner back to POP. The Skyliner was THE best part of our trip! It is so convenient, scenic, and fun!

We took a couple hours to nap, shower, and enjoy snacks and drinks at Petals (the pool bar at POP, which is a surprisingly good time), all while watching the ROTR BG creep slowly on. It was now looking like our Fantasmic plans may be interrupted, but we decided to get on Rise if it came to that.

We headed back to HS in time for our ToT FP!! I had been scared for this ride since planning our trip. I historically do not like drop towers but I knew my friends were super excited. The scary Bellhop cast member got right in my face during her intro spiel because she could tell I was scared! But…the ride was phenomenal. My friend B was the only one in our elevator with his hands up, making for a great picture :slight_smile:

We waited standby for Millennium Falcon at this point, about 45 min, watching the BG creep up. I got to be a pilot with my friend B, and we thought we were doing ok but I think we got 33% success :joy: The park and BG closed at 8pm because there were evening EMH. At 7-something, they announced the final BG to get on the ride would be…116. We were 118!!! We went to the ROTR queue and very politely confirmed that we would not get on the ride and they said sorry, but no. Heartbreak!!! I was the most upset in my group, but decided that we would just have to hustle to Fantasmic then. We showed up just on time, and still got a good seat due to our lunch package, which was honestly unnecessary. I think Fantasmic at WDW is nice but not necessarily worth it for an adults-only trip. If you haven’t seen the one at Disneyland though, make sure you see it! They are two very different experiences!

When Fantasmic was over, we decided to redeem our night by heading on ToT one more time. This time, we all put our hands up!

We’re the blurry ones in the back :slight_smile:

We decided to end our night at this point, and enjoyed the Skyliner back to POP. Exhausted, we joined the hordes of cheerleaders at the food court, but I knew about ordering ahead on the app and so we got our chicken tenders nice and fast. We scarfed these down in silence, like the Avengers eating shawarma. Then it was time for bed because we had PPO reservations at MK to look forward to!

Looking back this was our least successful day, and I got a bit grumpy when we just barely missed out on Rise, but we still had a great time, which is a good reminder for all Disney fans!


Thank you! They are from Etsy.

We went to DIsneyland on January 26 specifically to ride ROTR and didn’t get on. It was a very frustrating day, so I totally understand your frustration! However, my kids kept reminding me that any day at Disneyland is a good day.


So true!! Definitely beats a day at work! I’m also the biggest Disney fan so the fact that my friends were cool made it easier to deal. Still haven’t gotten on Rise at Disneyland either!

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I haven’t either! But my older daughter goes to college in Redlands, CA and she rode it in March. She was also at California Adventure the day they closed for COVID-19. We are going to try again for Rise when we take her back down for school in late August. Fingers crossed!

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Fingers crossed we’ll both get on this Fall!

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Parks Day 2: Magic Kingdom 2/10/20
It’s important to remember for this day that my friend S (the brunette) had never been to a Disney park as a child. I wanted her to have the BEST DAY EVER. My other friends also like taking fancy pictures in good light and so for many reasons, an 8:05am (PPO) reservation at BOG was the first meal I booked for ADRs. Friend S also is a huge fan of Belle. My friends were very impressed that we were able to just walk in to the MK, take pictures in front of the castle, and head back to BOG with few others. The ambience of BOG is really cool - we had mixed reviews on the food. However, we were really there for the chance to ride 7DMT PPO! This was a tip I learned from TP and I highly recommend it!! We were out of breakfast by about 8:50am. BOG is right next to 7DMT and they have the ride running!!! Seriously! We were able to literally walk on to the ride. My friend S was so impressed by the mix between thrill and theming. We could even have ridden it a second time once we were done but we headed into Fantasyland to get a head start.

This day, and this morning in particular, was all about S and what she wanted to ride. We did basically all the Fantasyland rides - Winnie the Pooh, UTS, SW, etc. I didn’t originally have Dumbo in my plan but guess what? She REALLY wanted to ride that. I think there’s something about adults that never got to go that had this image of Dumbo as a kid, and they always want to ride it. It was really sweet and the ride was way more fun than I expected.
Another highlight was the TEACUPS. It was about 10am and we were in a (very short) line with a bunch of preschoolers and their parents. The four of us adults squeezed into ONE teacup, knees all squished together, and our friend B took the lead in spinning us. We were spinning this teacup as fast as it would possibly go, laughing our heads off, surrounded by preschoolers. It was amazing. And as we slowed down at the end of the ride, you could see cast members and other people in line laughing with us. This moment was one of the top moments of our entire trip. Pure childlike joy on a Magic Kingdom morning!

Pic: blurry still from video of us on the Teacups

We took a Tangled toilets photo break, and then used our Peter Pan FP. Such a beautiful ride, but so short! Then we headed to Tomorrowland for a Joffrey’s coffee break, the Peoplemover (so great!!) and a Space Mtn FP. Then we hit Big Thunder Mtn FP, and lunch. I REALLY wanted to eat at the Plaza Restaurant, but didn’t want to over schedule my friends so I decided we would just figure lunch out on our own. I regret this. PR had no room for walk-ins so we went to Cosmic Ray’s which was kind of disgusting. I just didn’t enjoy the quick service at Disney World. Apparently I’m more spoiled by living in California than I thought.

Anyway, we were still having a great day. Some of my friends headed to Main Street to go shopping. I was still feeling bummed about the PR, so I went to the ice cream parlor, got a big sundae, and ate it at one of those tables overlooking the castle. Totally cheered me up :slight_smile: We also were able to get a HM FP for the early evening. (Side note: I learned about rolling FP from TP and purposely scheduled morning FP most days, but we were only ever able to get one extra FP at most. I wasn’t the MOST obsessive about it, which could very well be a reason, but it was not as easy to rack them up as I thought. I’m also used to Disneyland’s system where you can still run around the park and use like 6-7 FP in a day.)

I had an afternoon break planned at the Polynesian, so off we went to the monorail. Trader Sam’s had a wait of over an hour, so we sat at the Tiki Terrace while we waited. We loved it so much, we never moved into Trader Sam’s! We had drinks and snacks here as our dinner. Looking at the GF in the distance, next to the water, reminiscing with old friends was such a beautiful moment.

We chilled at Tiki Terrace for a while, and only went back to MK to use our HM FP, then wait for Pirates. We did the Teacups and Peoplemover again at night, both different in the dark, then got popcorn and waited for the fireworks. We were off to the side a bit but were still able to see most things. Then we joined the exodus of people headed out of the park. We actually went to Disney Springs instead of our hotel, and all bought souvenirs, including mugs shaped like a teacup :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Thus concluded a truly magical day!


You are making me so homesick!


Parks Day 3: Epcot 2/11/20

Today was a sleep-in day. We had a at 10:45 Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Fornio. This one was a concession of my friends to me. I LOVE Rapunzel, and had never met Flynn. We enjoyed our food at this meal, and I loved the character interactions, especially with Flynn! :star_struck:

My friends made sure to tease me about this later. :slight_smile:

We walked from the Boardwalk area into the World Showcase entrance for Epcot, and who should we see in the entrance but Mickey Mouse!! S hadn’t met Mickey yet, and the line wasn’t too long, so we waited. She didn’t have her First Visit button on today, so I ran out of line to Guest Services to get a new pin for her. S was a little flustered at first that Mickey only mimed, and tried to mime back at him, which was super cute. We were more practiced for Minnie, who was in the area too! My friends didn’t want to use a FP to meet Mickey in the MK, so I’m very happy that he was there waiting for us in Epcot :slight_smile:

We hit Future World and the Seas first, all enjoying Spaceship Earth (with a FP) immensely. Mission Space: Orange (another FP) was truly an odd feeling. Not my favorite. Then we did World Showcase, starting in Mexico. It was Festival of the Arts! We did do a modified “eat and drink around the World,” meaning we didn’t make ourselves stop at every country, just for items that sounded interesting. We used a FP for FEA, which I thought was ok but some of my friends really loved. The most overrated item I had was the Kringla from the Norway bakery. The best food we had was dinner at Katsura Grill. We ate by the waterfall - so pretty! Epcot in general is so beautiful.

We stopped in France to eat crepes by the water, and ended up buying drinks and snacks to keep the table through Epcot Forever. The show itself was nice, and it was improved by such a comfortable viewing spot!

After the fireworks, EMH started and we went back to the Land to ride Soarin’, which I liked more than my friends this time. We were all just so tired, so we went back to our hotel. I don’t know how those of you with small children do it! We childless millennials were pooped, even though we were having so much fun. Sadly, we had to pack because we left the next day! Fortunately we still had Animal Kingdom to look forward to.

A first-timer taking in Epcot!