Cheapest Accom for Summer 2019

My husband is entertaining going to WDW for a few days in June or July. That would be 2 trips in one year!!!

To make it happen I need to make it as cost effective as possible. If staying on property what are some tricks to getting cheapest room rates possible. Is it just to book an All star and be done with it? Or are there other avenues to pursue?

For the cheapest rates, period, I would refer you to this piece-de-resistance from our very own @JJT.

For the cheapest rates that give you more advance planning ability, I would use a good TA, and entertain the agency exclusive deals offered by Magical Vacations Travel and Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks agencies - though they are not guaranteed to be the cheapest rates available, they are regularly the cheapest that are easy to find and book.