Chase Freedom 5% cash-back deal on Disney & other entertainment

I have the Chase Freedom credit card with 5% cash-back on spending categories that change every 3 months. I kind of hate it because it’s hard to keep track of the shifting categories, but, well, 5% is 5%.

I just saw that the categories for next quarter (July thru September) include select live entertainment—including Disney World and other theme parks, sporting events, ticket agencies and more.

Five percent on these big-ticket items can add up quick! I’m definitely putting my 8-day park hopper on this card. I’m tempted to hold off a couple days on buying my Jollywood ticket too, but I’m afraid it might sell out…


I really doubt it will sell out in those first couple of days before sales open to the public. Should be fine.

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I looked up some prior Disney purchases on old credit card records to see how third-party ticket sellers are coded. Seems that Boardwalk Ticketing is coded as “amusement parks” etc., but Undercover Tourist is coded as “travel agencies and tour operators.” This leads me to believe that Boardwalk will get the 5% deal but Undercover won’t.

So for the Jollywood ticket, I might as well buy on June 29 and just take whatever savings I get from Undercover without the extra Chase deal. (Boardwalk doesn’t seem to sell the special event tix.)

Also, for y’all’s information, Genie+ and ILL are coded as “amusement parks”—this is moot for me as the category will have switched by the time I’m back in the parks.


this is great. Just signed up for the Chase Sapphire card and have trips the end of each month July-Sept so definitely going to get the full amount back they allow.


I believe this 5% deal is only for the Chase Freedom card, not the Chase Sapphire or any other Chase card. Sapphire Preferred is a great card though, you’ll get a lot of benefit from it!


Keep in mind, there’s usually a cap. Something like, you get 5% back until you get $75 back, and then after that it switched to 1% back.


Yes, the cap in this case is 5% of $1500 ($75). My Disney tickets will get me about $40 back.


Awesome! And you can still get money back after the cap, just not as much. So spend, baby!