Character Palooza 2020

Does it still occur on days of Fantasmic? Plus, any other information would be welcomed. Thank you!

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I think Character Palooza if like fight club. The first rule is you don’t talk about it. :rofl:



Now I’m dying of curiosity!

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Pay the small fee to join
Ken. ny the Pi. rat. e’s site and read all about it.


Thank you for the tip qwerty6! Sorry have not responded we lost power for a little of 20 hours from storms this past weekend on Saturday to be exact . So yesterday was cleaning out my fridge and freezer! Onward we from here on out. :slight_smile:


Just to follow up- Kenny the Pirate has an “in” and he shares this info. He also tells people if they share it he will ban them? (I don’t know if those as the words?) it is a different business model and feels very weird to me, a person that spends so much time on TP, sharing every bit of info I can find.


I agree it is a different MO and one that doesn’t give me warm fuzzies. That said, I do buy a subscription each trip because I want the info in one place. And in the overall scheme of the cost of a trip it doesn’t amount to much. But it is really hard to not share what I know because my personality leans that way.


This is so funny to me! I’m a paid member of KTP site but haven’t really used it as much as TP and I had noooo idea about this! I just looked and I see the fight club rules there! I don’t think he could ban anyone personally because how’d he know who you are? But I can see that if it becomes too popular, it would likely cease the event, since it’s just a little extra something meant to be a surprise treat. Too many people hanging around would change the dynamic.

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It was hard not to congregate this last time… And I had to teach my girls to stop using the Charac…Pal…za word out loud.

I think he can locks IPs if he figures out who you are. Some people are easier to identify than others (same screen name on oodles of sites, etc.) I just try to be helpful without being too naughty.


The more I learn here the more I realize I have so much more to learn. We are through the looking glass, people. My wife already thinks I’m nuts, wait’ll she sees this.


Kenny and his crew do have accounts at various Disney blog sites. They have been on TP in the past. So if you use a similar name or the same email, and share on one of the other sites, he could ban you. I do subscribe to KtP for the character info. I understand the need to limit the number of people who know about CP. However, I think some of the info on other things that he says is only for his subscribers, such as subsequent FPs and drop times, is a little ridiculous. That information is available elsewhere for free.

Kenny was a liner long ago and his brother stayed for quite some time. Yes, a lot of liners are friends of Kenny. I guess we are all expected to believe he is psychic and he does not pay any CMs for the info? Or maybe they give him the info just because they like him?

I recognize I am unreasonable about this topic, so I will stop.


I’m not sure if he pays CMs or not, but he has referenced that he has people on the inside. He also gets Disney’s hours ahead of time. I’m going in May and he posted the hours for the whole month in mid-October. But like I said, I just want the character info, which is more detailed than MDE. Other than that, a lot of the same info I can find on TP.

I might be blinded by my feeling on this but I see two options:

  1. He pays CMs and then charges for the info.

  2. He doesn’t pay CMs and then charges for the info.

Really…now I will stop.


I get it. I’m not defending his methods.

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Oh! I didn’t think you were…,.you just made me think about it again😉

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Gotcha. I actually debated whether or not to get it this trip because I don’t necessarily agree with some of the things he does. But our family is just really into seeing characters, so I ended up just getting the subscription again.

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Well stated.
My kids’ number one preference is characters - more than rides or shows or food. I pay even though I don’t love the model. Maybe I’m hypocritical. But I pay soooooo much for WDW I just want to see the character info as easily as I can.

I guess I tell myself I’m paying him to put it all in one place for me…
I also confess to being unoriginal and we often use his suggestions for conversation starters with the characters. My girls loved those this last trip.