Changes to Be Our Guest dinner

Changes to dinner at Be Our Guest have just been announced. Starting 27 July it’s going from a la carte to prix fixe and will include appetizer, entree and dessert.

ADRs open on Friday 23 February.

Not sure if this is replacing the current a la carte menu, though.

That is a good point. I think there have been so many rumors about it converting to a signature restaurant that many of us just assumed the current menu wa ending.

The only reason I think it might be a replacement instead of an enhancement is wanting to prevent folks from getting just cupcakes for dinner and driving up the overall per table check.

My highly cynical two cents - either way, looking forward to going in two weeks, and again post-change

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Ok, responses from the parks blog ( on link) confirm this menu replaces original, beasts will still be there, and it is 2 credits.

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Oh well, leave it to Disney to pervert the whole purpose of a “Prix Fixe” menu. In general, it is supposed to be a set/limited choice menu in addition to the full menu that offers the diner a good value for money - WDW has missed on all counts.

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Yes. But they want to stop the soup and cupcake crowd clearly! And it’s popular enough that they can do this without too much risk of not pulling it off.

Not saying I like it mind. To be honest, I’m not surprised by this move. And I’m still expecting some kind of minimum pricing for breakfast to be announced sometime.


In France it’s actually not that unusual to have just a prix fixe menu. Scandinavian countries do it a lot too, especially for lunch.


Interesting - never ran into that in France, except for one special “Chef’s Table” style dining room at a restaurant in Auxerre.

This is the model that’s been used at V&A since it opened.

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I lived in Paris for 5 years and saw a lot of it, both in the city and outside. :slight_smile:

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When BOG was first announced, the “word on the street” was that it would be signature dining for dinner; many people were surprised when it opened and wasn’t. Perhaps this was the plan all along, but they eased into it with a “regular” TS dinner for the first few years and are now transitioning.

In a selfish no kids sort of way, i really approve of this change. There are people who want to eat dinner there, and the “soup and a cupcake” crowd are taking up ADRs because they want to meet Beast or just see the restaurant. Most people with families will not want to pay that price for a meal that doesn’t have princesses. This may become a small oasis for people who want something approaching signature dining without having to leave the MK and go to a resort. The menu choices sound very good - but my only fear is that given the volume of dinners served, can a “near signature” quality be maintained…


couldn’t have said any of this better - 100%

Very good point - is it supposed to be an attraction (see the Beast) or a signature dining experience? Having a pricey prix fixe menu with higher-end food choices would point towards the latter.

Given the size and volume, I think that no matter how hard they try it will not be a signature dining experience (at least food-wise). Therefore, from a consumer’s viewpoint I question their choice of going to the new prix fixe menu - it will simply not be good value for money. However, from WDW’s point of view getting rid of the “soup and cupcake” customers so that you can make room for deeper pockets makes total sense - as long as enough people are willing to pay the inflated prices, gouge them for all you can get.

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Can we say this about any of the dining experiences? I don’t consider myself a foodie but I like to eat out at nice restaurants and 99% of the places at WDW pale in comparison to any fine dining options available at most major cities, let alone top destinations around the world.

I go to BOG to have an overpriced dinner with the Beast while wearing shorts and being all sweaty and sunburned. I don’t go there to have a Michelin-level experience. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.


I don’t completely disagree with you. However, I have a family with children and we are planning on eating dinner at BOG in May, as well as seeing the Beast. This new menu appeals to no one in my family and is really rather sad that we will no longer be able to eat dinner there. I don’t think BOG should be an oasis for adult foodies. It is a venue families, as well as a adults, want to experience. Now we are only going to lunch or breakfast, if they even keep it as quick service or a less expensive option with more family friendly food. I’m sure we are not the only ones.

If they didn’t want people to just buy desserts to see the Beast, then have him as an actual character meet outside the restaurant. That to me would be a better solution.

I think what they want is $170 for a family of 4 . . .

Maybe, but the cupcake issue is what I keep hearing as the reason for the new menu.

Well sure, but I am always looking for the more “corporate” answer.

They have a hot restaurant that many people want to eat at, which features a great environment and a unique character interaction. It was not being fully monetized, and now, maybe it is.

They don’t have to appeal to everyone, just to enough people to fill the tables for dinner every night… and it is quite probable that will happen. But if it doesn’t, they will tweak it again until they feel that the restaurant is maximizing its revenue.