Changeophilia is contagious

Taking a page out of @profmatt’s book, I am just 4 days out from arrival in the World and am having some anxiety about my plans and whether to keep as is or change 'em out.

I arrive in TPA (work trip, easiest to fly in/out of host city) at 4:30 on Thursday. I’ll grab my rental car and head to WDW, expecting to arrive around 6:30 at the outside.

I’m staying off property, nearby to AK, which is perfect as that is where I’m spending the evening. Whether I check in before going to AK or after depends on my arrival timing and will be an on-the-fly decision.

Thursday evening I am set on, no changes needed there: reservation at Tiffins, intentional standby FOP, and whatever there is time for afterward if anything.

It’s Friday I’m torn over.

I have Kona breakfast at 0730 and have planned to date to spend my day in MK. But AK is pulling me so hard. I’m wondering if I should switch to either a Sanaa or Boma breakfast and spend the day at AK instead.



I’d do AK, just to mix it up.

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In other words, changing just for the sake of changing?

I would say that if you are being pulled by AK that is what you should do.


Ha! I suppose you could look at it that way. I think I was literally answering the WWYD part. I’d enjoy having Boma for breakfast because I haven’t had it before, and I have had Kona before.

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AH I getcha now :slight_smile:

I also have not had Boma breakfast and I have had Kona.

I have a bit of a love affair with AK, too, which is why I’m concerned that just a few hours on Thursday may be too much of a tease for me.

Researching options now…


Boma breakfast is yummy–eggs with goat cheese and the french toast bread pudding were my fav. And I think AK is especially amenable to exploring as there are so many nooks and crannies to observe and areas to wander. Isn’t that the point of solo travel though, go do what calls to you. And you could always hop on over to MK if you felt that you were “done” with AK at some point.


So I think my family is getting waaaaaaay better at slowing down and taking it in - our last trip was the best so far in that way.

But they’re still kids, you know? So they want to DO stuff. As such I’m not sure I have had, or will have again very soon, the chance to slow all the way down in AK and observe all the little things you refer to.

I think I’l make the switch. Plus being so close to my hotel is convenient as well.

If only Stitch and Olaf would cooperate…


I think it’s a great decision. Boma breakfast is fabulous. There is so much to observe at AK. Have fun.

It is decided.

As it turns out my friends are expecting me to arrive earlier than I thought they were, so I will be leaving a smidge earlier than originally planned. Makes more sense to meander AK after having already spent the evening there than to drive to MK and start “fresh” in a new park.


Definitely take the chance to explore AK this time, especially if this is a solo trip (I get the impression it is).

You realise now though that you’re gonna get some come back from a certain someone anytime now … :joy::joy::joy:

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It is. I’m really going to Tampa for a work conference but heading in early to stop at WDW for about a day and then to the Gulf Coast to visit friends for the weekend. My conference starts Sunday afternoon.


Also yes, but if things don’t go swimmingly I will blame HIM. After all, he has encouraged this changeophilia.


You see, I just don’t understand this. You made a plan — show some moral fibre and stick with it. I don’t understand this frankly pathological need to keep changing things.

Here’s a tip — if you make good decisions the first time, you won’t need to change them later.

I am of course joking. I myself have learnt from the masters, your much-lauded Founding Fathers. Did they stick with their first draft of the Constitution? No! They discussed and debated and worked and worked till they got it right. Well, OK, they made some changes — they called them “amendments” — but that was simply to make sure that the document was perfect. Which indeed it now is! It’s a masterwork of concision and clarity. Take — oh, I don’t know — the second amendment. It’s so well-drafted that absolutely everyone agrees on its meaning. Not an ounce of ambiguity in the text at all.

So, yes. You must work and work and work at a plan. Hone and hone again. Only then will you reach the state of blissful and united tranquility that the US Constitution has afforded the American people.


:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy:


I feel happy with my new plan. I do wish there were better FPP options available, but I will keep trying; I did manage to get a FOP for a friend the day before their AK day. And really, I’m going to work out my “must do” stuff. Since I won’t see FOTLK on Thursday night, I now have the opportunity to do so on Friday morning, and I do love that show like crazy. I plan to meander each of the animal trails, and then, if time allows, take a “guided tour” through Dinoland with the Radio Harambe podcast. The episode aired quite a while ago now but it gave me a greater understanding of the story behind Dinoland even just by listening - I’ve wanted to do the walk through along with the podcast since then.


I like your new plan. FOTLK is a must do for us too. If you have time, walking the Discovery Trails around the Tree of Life is fabulous–you get to see the carvings up close.


Yeah, I’ve done that a bunch, and might do that again this time. We always see new carvings we never noticed before! It’s a really beautiful work of art!

It could be argued that it was put in to help defend this country. Because if you were armed and the country was invaded you would be asked to defend it. If I had a gun and we were invaded I would defend it as well as my family, but since I do not I will have to defend it some other way.

Just my though on something that happened 200 years ago, I was not there so am I really qualified?

Weren’t you? You look old enough to have been.