Celebrate the Return of the “Main Street Electrical Parade” with Themed


Love the light up turtle sipper!

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Waiting for dining package reservations to open :roll_eyes::crazy_face::crazy_face::rofl::heart::heart:

I see the check availability button now, but there’s nothing available for all of Friday or Saturday. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

ETA: Apparently they were live much earlier than I thought. I was checking on a web browser and the Check Availability button didn’t go live until 8:10am PST (my 9:10) and I had been refreshing every 5-10 min and that was the first it appeared, but nothing was left for any party size for any dates for any times. I was also doing a search in the app Check Dining Availability for anything at the time/date we were looking (4/23 1-3:30pm) and only a few Carnation Cafe’s and River Belle reservations were available.

Hubby & I figured out too late that those who have gotten a ressie so far have seen availability in the app only by clicking on the Reserve Dining from the Plaza Inn Dining Package specific page (I couldn’t remember how to navigate to that but hubby then just did a search and was able to pull it up- you can also go to the map and select Dining from the dropdown and then the pin for Plaza Inn includes a choice of clicking on Plaza Inn or Plaza Inn Dining Package).

There’s nothing available now (for any party size, any time or any date that we have clicked). But we are hoping they just haven’t dropped all availability all at once and we’ll keep checking to see what we can find. But why does it have to be so hard to find it in all the places? Or why can’t there just be one place to check.

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I noticed now with the queue open for WoC dessert package you have to go to the website and not the app. I was able to get a few reservations for the MSEP dining because I was still logged on the app, had left it on the Plaza Inn page and it went straight to reservations. So crazy they way the decide to run things each time. Good thing we know their game and are on our toes

I’ve been in the pre-queue for over an hour waiting for the waiting room to open to get WOC dessert party reservations.

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This message comes up now through the app

I’m there too Darcy! :rofl: It was so much easier through the app

I’ve been “sitting tight” for quite a while now. I might refresh the page if it didn’t tell me not to. Such a temptation!

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Looking through the mobile order menus today and they already have some MSEP items up!
And if the sipper us $30 im thinking maybe $45 for the Elliott popcorn bucket? :flushed:

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I have an approximate wait time now: more than an hour.

I’m also more than an hour. Hopefully I won’t have wasted all morning and will be able to get the reservation.

Do you think you will be able to mobile order the bucket or sipper? I hope they still have some sippers by early May.

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This is showing up on the app now :flushed:

I am definitely going to try Darcy! I’ll be there Tuesday and it can’t get here fast enough!

But takes you to the waiting room. At least it did when I tried using it.

I’ve got 2 weeks before I’ll be in the parks, so hopefully they will still be around.

Booked through the app! Meanwhile I’m still in the queue in my browser. This is…not well-run. If they are doing a virtual queue, they should do it for everyone. I’d be annoyed if I missed out on the res because I didn’t know people were booking through the app and they were all gone by the time I got through in the browser.