Cedar Point - June 2023 (mini-TR)

Is there a way to find out which attraction will be open for EPE? That some thing I don’t like about UPR - to rope drop to ride Hagrid’s only to find it is not open. Grrr :confounded: It has happened to me 3 times!

Will your youngest ride spin rides? Bri doesn’t love the big coasters but she likes all the rides that will be in the boardwalk area this year and she enjoys Iron Dragon since it’s really mild.


They’ll have a list of what should be open, but (especially with the bigger and newer coasters) they don’t guarantee any of them will actually open on time.

Generally at RD (which I know always used to be the moment the National Anthem was finished for early entry, and then when God Bless America was finished for main RD) some people will run like fools and nobody will stop them. It’s silly, but they do it.

During EPE they don’t stop you from going anywhere you want… if you want to go wait at the entrance of Tilt a Whirl until 9am then you’re more than welcome. This means that even if Steel Vengeance (SteVe) or Millennium Force (Millie or MilF, depending on your spice level) isn’t open for EPE there will be people who run there first and get in line.


Iron Dragon opened today! They removed a whole section of track over the winter to position a crane for the work on The Tall One, so it opened late.


We’ve bought the fast pass and have gone without it. But if I just had one day and wanted to ride all the big rides, I would get it. It made the waits much shorter. We don’t buy it often now because my dad is 73 and he loves all the coasters, but if we ride them back to back he gets a little dizzy now. So it’s nice to have a little down time in line when we are with him.


That’s the standard list. As I guessed, I just saw they tweeted yesterday that Millie would be open for EPE today and tomorrow. I think that will be the story for the whole season… if Wild Mouse is being fussy then they’ll add a coaster for a few days at a time as a backup. Again, that’s the list of what should be open, but I’ve found that the coasters aren’t always open right on time.


Also, for EPE Lighthouse Point and Breakers guests are allowed to use either the Magnum or Windseeker (beach) gates. If you like Starbucks then I’d hoof it over to Breakers to get your coffee and walk down the Boardwalk to the beach gate. That’s right near what will be open.

If Millie will be open on your day then I’d use the Magnum gate and go there first because I think will be far less busy, with many people gravitating toward the longer list of stuff that’s open.

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Oh no. I was going to sleep in a tent with DH, but maybe I should reconsider. :grimacing:

ETA: never mind. Tent camping actually isn’t allowed. Glad I checked.

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It may be worth doing Wild Mouse first even if Millennium Force is open during Early Park Entry, just because Wild Mouse is new and has lower capacity.

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So far the lines have been pretty reasonable from what I’ve read. Yesterday some people said they moved through a full queue in 45 minutes. It seems to really only slow down when the ride goes down.

That’s the average since opening. I think you could ignore Maverick though… that one is skewed higher because it’s been closed for this whole weekend, so it just had the higher opening weekend waits to average out.

The averages for this week really smooth out quite a bit more, once you take out three opening day irregularities.

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Following. DS14 has wanted to go to Cedar Point for years, but it’s a long way from home. Eventually we will go…


Don’t go during weekends in the fall… that’s when it’s the absolute busiest.


Good to know. I will send DH and Gaby in that direction.


Millie has been added as an EPE ride for the rest of the season!

(Tony Clark is the director of communications at CP)


Trying to remember everything I learned here… we leave to CP this coming Wednesday! :dizzy_face:. Park day is Thursday .


Have fun!


Ok, just edited the title of this thread. I will write a mini trip report here instead of creating a whole new thread.

We are picking up the RV today. We are also buying fast lane passes for everyone today. It looks like we will have good weather on Thursday.

Tomorrow we leave to CP in the morning.


Got the RV. It’s SMALL!! It’s the only I could find to rent in the Pittsburgh area. It says it’s for 7 people. If “people” is defined as “2 average-sized adults, 2 children, 2 babies and a dog”, then yes.


How did it go?

We are on our way!!