Cedar Point - June 2023 (mini-TR)

All really great tips, Ryan, thank you! :partying_face:

I haven’t been able to do more than 9 coasters in a day without a FastPass. How do you choose which day to attend for lowest crowds?

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Historically we try to go before schools let out, and preferably midweek. I won’t even attempt CP on a weekend.

We also avoid the time periods around Halloweekends.


I will be going on a Thursday, June 8th

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How late we can wait to purchase the Fast Lane passes? They are not refundable, and my reasoning to wait is to see how the weather is going to be. If it’s going to be rainy, I wouldn’t want to purchase the passes.

Predicted wait times based on data for same Thursday last year

It seems the difference between a Wednesday and a Thursday is somewhat significant

Data for Wednesday

I’m following along for Cedar Point info. I went there for my high school senior trip and haven’t been back since. (many many years ago :rofl:) It was really fun! We’ve been to Hershey more times but not since our kids were younger. Also fun!

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It might have to do with when schools wrap up. Usually Thursdays are better than Wednesdays…but a day earlier means fewer.people maybe are ready to start their vacation? It is an interesting data point.

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You can purchase once you enter the park, but they only sell a limited number each day and don’t tell you how many that’s going to be. I’ve never personally seen them sell out prior to day-of, so I’m sure that once you know the weather report for the day (about 2 days out) you’ll be good to purchase.

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I worked at CP for two summmers in the early 90s selling fruity beverages. Before everyone needed an internship. The job was fine, the accommodation was awful, and the memories are a million. A lot has changed since 1993.

We took my 18 year old one time, I think he was about 6 or 7, so maybe 2010 or 2011. We went on a weekend day in the fall. Just getting onto the point was a nightmare. And once we got in the park we learned my son gets motion sick. Who knew? It was a short day and I honestly don’t remember much about it.

Fast forward to summer 2022. We decided to take my seven year old. We ended up buying gold passes for $99 each, good for the remainder of the season and the 2023 season. I went four times, son went 3. Hubs went two. We had a ball and I learned a lot. My son liked Iron Dragon and Mine Ride but not Gemini or Corkscrew and was unwilling to try the other coasters he was tall enough for. He had a ball on the antique cars and everything that spins. He liked the train and the Sky Ride (I almost had a heart attack). We also did the water park one day and enjoyed what we did, esp the lazy river, whose name is escaping me.

One of the days I went was the Friday before Labor Day, with a friend 15 years my junior. Our goal: conquer the coasters. No fast pass. We rode every coaster that was open except the 2 kiddie coaster (and Top Thrill, because it is currently closed). We entered at park open, and started mid-park at Iron Dragon, then went “left,” Millenium Force, Maverick, Steel Vengeance, Skyhaw (not a coaster), break, Gemini, Magnum, Corkscrew, break, Gate Keeper, Raptor, break, Blue Streak, Valrayvn, and Rougaru. We exited the park at 6:30. We did not see any shows bc they stop running in August, and we didn’t do any restaurant dining. I offer this to say, depending on crowd level, esp. midweek, you may not need Fastlane or Fastlane Plus. You definitely would want it on a weekend day.

Blue Streak is rough. Magnum has gotten rougher over the years but still worth a ride, imo. Corkscrew has also seen better days. I was absolutely terrified of everything new to me, but all were well worth riding, esp. Millenium Force, Maverick, Steel Vengeance, and Valrayvn. I liked Gatekeeper a lot, too. I also enjoyed proving to myself that 49 was not too old to hit all the “big rides.” But I was sore for two days, lol.

They just opened for the season last weekend, and I am not sure when we will go next as my kiddo is in school til June 9, and then we are headed to WDW June 13-22. For a hot minute I had considered a solo trip tomorrow, then I got some clients, so not then. Maybe Thur before Memorial Day if the weather cooperates.

I don’t have much to say about the food. It’s theme park food. The fresh cut fries are good. I’m a cotton candy gal for my sweet treat. I’d like to see the shows. I’ve heard good things, but it’s important to know these are generally college student performers who are seasonal, vs being semi pro year round.

I hope you have an amazing time and do a trip report! Your thread got me excited about getting back to the point soon. If there is something you think I can help with, please ask!


Yes, to both. Snake River Falls will soak you. We changed into swim suits for it. I did not ride Thunder Canyon, but same. Thunder Canyon is somewhat similar to Kali.

Another unrelated thought is that you will notice the absence of theme, save for the Frontier Trail. And you will be able to see backstage areas from a number of queues and rides. This shocked me, even having worked there. If you don’t expect theme and “show” going in, that will help in managing expectations.


Aw… this makes me happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I just realized that since I am staying at Lighthouse Point, the “back of the park” it’s actually the front for me. I suppose I still need to walk to that middle gate, but it will probably make sense to do SV first! :smiley:


Oh! That is great you will have mid park gate access! Perfect for rope drop advantage. Yes…if SV is open, do that first. If not, hop on Maverick first. When we were there last, SV didn’t open for about an hour after park opening. But if it is open, is will save you a lot of time getting on it first.


Is there a way to find out without going to the ride. On the app maybe?

With Lighthouse Point, you’ll get to use the “Magnum Gate,” so named because it’s right by Magnum XL 200. It’s also the closest entrance to Steel Vengeance and Maverick.

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So I’m just finding this thread! I worked at Cedar Point from 2000-2004, and I’ve been a passholder since then. I haven’t actually read it all yet though… just saying hi, and I’ll get the notification now!

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Okay, caught up now. Looks like we’ll miss each other on my first visit this year by a few days… I’m planning to come on 6/2

~ Re: rough coasters… Magnum is rough, but really a must-do for a coaster lover. You can minimize the roughness if you A. stick to the first 2 cars of the train, and the front row of the car (they have 3 rows per car and let you choose your row at that ride) and B. try to ride it like you’re trotting on a horse (i.e. you mean forward a bit and use your leg muscles to keep your butt from slamming the seat). It’s really an amazing coaster…It opened in 1989 and held the #1 steel coaster title until 2001, when Millennium Force knocked it out (it took a year to catch up, for some reason).

Same for Blue Streak, though Blue Streak is skippable if you don’t care about riding the oldest coaster in the park.

~ Slight warning about Lighthouse Point: there can be snakes of your cabin is near the water, but they’re not dangerous. If they worry you just shake a stick at them and they’ll go away.

~ My friend and I often buy 1 meal plan to share between 2 people… it’s plenty of food and if we’re hungry after a lighter shared meal that’s fine because they let you get a meal every 90 minutes! They have shrimp battered in funnel cake batter at the new boardwalk restaurant and I wasn’t so sure when I first read about it, but I’ve heard very good things.

~ People are saying the new Wild Mouse is like Primeval Whirl only spinnier. That’s a plus for me, but I know it’s a no for others.

~ Skyhawk is the most underrated ride in the park. It’s a giant swing and it’s super thrilling without making anyone queasy or being actually terrifying unless you’re really afraid of heights.

~ Steel Vengeance is 100% worth whatever the wait is, but I like to save it for last and get in line just before park close. This only works if you have a second day as a backup in car the ride goes down. You can’t take any loose articles other then phones and keys or bags bigger than a small wristlet in the line, and once you near the front they have small free lockers for phones, glasses, and keys before you go through a metal detector.

~ Millennium Force is also worth whatever the wait is. No purses/bags allowed in line at all on that one, but fanny packs are allowed and phones can go in a zipper pocket as well.

The beach is actually pretty nice… the water will be cold in early June, though.


Oh, early park entry rides this season are all the new Boardwalk rides, from what I’ve seen. It’s still pretty early to tell, but I think that if they know Wild Mouse won’t be open for EPE then they’ll open a different coaster, but it’s hard to tell. TBH, EPE is really hit or miss there.

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