CBR vs. AKL - is this a no brainer?

We are currently booked at CBR for a late April trip - 8 days/7 nights, me (AP holder), husband (1st visit in 30 years), daughter 5yo (this will be her 3rd trip). My husband is cranky about crowds, so I booked CBR with the hopes that the efficiency of the Skyliner (which I LOVE) and the quieter/“slower” resort feel would help. We will probably do MK 2 days, Epcot 2, AK 1 or 2, and I will probably go to HS by myself at some point just to ride ToT, or maybe we’ll do a 1/2 day there - no interest in Star Wars (I know, I know - really, no interest, I can’t do 3D rides and have toured Batuu already). My daughter and I tend to do partial park days and being there longer gives us more flexibility with that.

With the AP discount that came out Monday, we can stay at AKL for ~$20 more per night than CBR. I’ve asked a few people and they are like duh, AKL is so nice and a deluxe. I see people complain that it’s so far away from everything except AK. The transportation is my only hesitation.


DO it!!! I’ve never been able to grasp the “it’s so far away” thing. I’ve stayed at numerous resorts all around WDW, and in the long run, if you plan to go to all 4 parks, bus (or driving) times pretty much all pan out. And if someone’s TP is so down to the minute that it’s going to be messed up because of a 5-10 minute longer bus ride, then they are in for a lot of frustration because SO many other factors can mess up a TP.

If you husband wants some quiet, ALK is a great choice. There are numerous animal observation points throughout the resort, and even the huge lobby has numerous nooks and crannies to sit back and relax.

I can think of ABSOLUTELY NO REASON not to upgrade to AKL for $20/day more.


I agree with @bswan26. I don’t feel that AKL is too far away and $20/day is an amazing deal.
I also think your DH would appreciate the quietness of AKL if he doesn’t like crowds. I feel like AKL is relaxing.


I agree with others never stayed there… but it looks so quiet! Lots of peaceful spots to hang out it watch animals. Hoping to visit on my trip. Right now my DH isn’t a fan of busses. We will do it fir 2 parks— but that’s why we haven’t booked it. Hoping a visit might make it more desirable! The price is great for a deluxe.


You would also only use the Skyliner to get to parks on your HS and Epcot days, and it looks like this won’t be most of your days.

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That’s a good point. I would probably go to Epcot and HS more if we were on the Skyliner. I love popping over for just a few hours.

I would do AKL in a heartbeat!! It’s probably my favorite!! If I wasn’t staying where I am for July (not telling!!) I’d be at AKL.


It’s definitely a no-brainer. Stay at All-Star Movies.

I’m a location person, and skyliner is a total game changer. I’d keep CBR.

You’re really doing well keeping that secretive!


I think I might have answered this on chat? Regardless- my answer remains AKL. One word: giraffes


AKL any day of the week. It’s so incredibly peaceful, and there’s nothing like sitting on your balcony (or any of the observation points) in the morning or evening and just watching the animals on the Savannah.

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We just stayed at AKL and it’s a beautiful resort. I don’t really think the transportation is an issue – it doesn’t seem like it takes very long to get anywhere, so I wouldn’t let that deter you. My only advice would be to make sure you choose the view you’re willing to live with. Standard is the least expensive, but when we were in a standard room we were nowhere near the savanna and I really do think that impacted how we felt about the resort. I think it’s probably one of the few resorts where the view you pay for really impacts the experience you have there and, unfortunately, paying for a savanna view room would probably place it way above what you’re currently paying at CBR.

So, my opinion? Stick with CBR unless you’re willing to pay more for an room with an upgraded view. Otherwise, the resort might be a bit of a disappointment.

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Did you use the touring plans room request feature ?

I did. Our room was kind of a disaster all around. We were in giraffe trail which actually turned out to be convenient to the bus and the pool, but even after saying in my faxed TP room request that our number one desire was a refurbished room with two queen beds, they gave us an unrefurbished room with a bunk bed. That did not work out very well for us (I had a child with a broken foot in a wheelchair and another that is afraid of the top bunk).

The transportation is going to be a few minutes longer but the food and the environment is great. This is my favorite resort and any time I have been there I spend more time at that resort than at others. It’s a good place to relax and feels well in a different Disney bubble.

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There are so many standard rooms with partial views, I’m not terribly worried. That will be my only request so hopefully they hook us up.

ETA: If not, I would be slightly disappointed but plan to take advantage of the trails and viewing areas. For only $20 more than CBR, even looking at a parking lot it still seems like a good deal.

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As long as you’re prepared for a true standard view – that’s my only regret with my stay there. :slight_smile:

For me it comes down to how much time I’m spending at the resort. As you said, you only do partial park days, so I think that AKL is worth it. Even if your room ends up a true standard view, they have those viewing platforms for kids and nice quiet areas to look out over it anyway. The transport is a bit longer, but ::woman_shrugging:: . However, I personally would choose CBR every time. We had a savanna view at AKL and it was not worth it because we were NEVER at the resort. CBR, with the Skyliner is now just way more convenient for how I do Disney.

I would request some specific room numbers and then add text to the request.