CBR Refurb thru end of 2017 = $75 GC!


Not sure if this is common knowledge or not ... but if you reserve a room at CBR during the refurb period, you will get a $75 Disney GC for each night of your stay.

I had a rez at Pop for $124 avg/night ... switched to CBR for $219 - $75 = $144

Rumor has it, you can stack Free Dining on top of this, or other discounts that come along.
I'll be looking to get an AP discount ... I hope, I hope, I hope!


I just did the same thing! I was booked at Pop originally, and I recently changed my dates, but in doing so I had to upgrade to a preferred pool view (which i really didn't want to do as it's not worth the money for me). SO instead, after hearing about the GC's I decided to switch to CBR and I'm actually saving money this way!


OOOH! Is there a travel deadline for this? We're going in November, and I'm at AoA currently. But, if I switch, then hopefully add an AP after the August trip (yes, two trips in 90 days. I'm crazy and I love it) and then get the GC, it will essentially cost me the same amount of money!


I can verify that you can stack it with an AP discount, as that's what I'm doing in May. Unfortunately only pirate rooms available ($185.50/night for weeknights) but with GC takes it down to $110.50/night. It will be interesting to see if they will have CBR as a resort for free dining as not all resorts or room types are available.


I'd be interested in knowing if this is valid later in the year too. We wanted to book this resort, but for an international trip, at Christmas rates, it was really expensive for somewhere we were just going to sleep. The GCs would make it more reasonable for our budget.


If a room is already booked, can the AP discount be applied later? I have a trip in May during which I am upgrading my ticket to an AP. I have a CBR King room booked for September. Can I get an AP discount on that? What is the typical discount off the rack rates?

I've also heard rumor that the AP discount can be applied before you have it in hand, as long as it is purchased before check-in. Or maybe even same day.


Often the AP discount applies only to a certain number of rooms or a certain room type (for example, only the pirate rooms are available right now for the dates I've looked at in May - and I've been looking at dates in the entire month of May. While you might be able to convert a room that's already booked there's no guarantee they'll have the same room category available so you may have to cancel the initial booking and rebook at the AP rate. They haven't yet announced the AP rates for September, and keep in mind, if you do the AP discount you can't get free dining as well. Depending on the number of people you're traveling with you'll have to look at the numbers to see if the discount or free dining is the better option. The AP discount is typically about 5% more than the discount that they offer to the general public (which often are 20% or 30% off rack rates, so the AP is 25% or 35% off the rack rate). Although I just looked at the room I have booked at CBR, and the dates I'm going. For a Standard Pirate Room the rack rate is $265. The current room only discount that anyone can get (Fun and Sun offer) is a rate of $225.25 or a 15% discount. My AP rate is $185.50 which is a 30% discount.

When I do online check-in I've never had anyone verify that I have an AP. When I've checked in at the front desk I've also not had anyone ask me to verify my AP, but I also usually have it out with my ID and CC, but that might vary by cast member. I know that I cannot see the rates for AP holders online unless I'm logged into my account and can only reserve them at that point as well (when the system is working, it's currently having some glitches that won't allow me to book a room online). I believe you might be able to reserve a room at the AP rate if you call to make the reservation without having the AP. I know that if you've already purchased the voucher for the AP you can make the reservation with the AP discount.


I'm doing that same thing on my trip in August and was wondering the same question! I changed my November reservation from AoA to CBR and got a pirate room. I'm hoping that after I upgrade my ticket to an AP I can make the arrangements for the November trip in August with the discount if it's available. After running the numbers I already had, I came out ahead by just switching to CBR, so any other discount is just a bonus!


Congratulations on your good deal! When you switched reservations did the CM automatically tell you about the GCS?


I did it all online! The site has a note indicating there is major refurbishment, if you click on it the site tells you about the deal. I was SO stoked to see it on their site (not that I didn't trust @LissaKay's info, I'm just a little obsessive about seeing it for myself-occupational hazard!). I ran the math and made the switch!


Thank you! Going to look at that right now!! I might just have to make a resort change...though DD isn't too thrilled with the whole pirate theme...but nothing an extra souvenir won't cure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had initially booked a preferred room, as of last night they were available. My DD16 asked to see the rooms, and the Pirate room was the same cost- she actually said she wanted to do that one! I was kind of surprised! I'm not going to lie, I'm thinking long and hard about changing our resort on our August trip to take advantage of it then too, but I really want to stay at POFQ as I've heard fantastic things about it. Decisions, decisions. And totally first world problems.


Just looked on the site and saw the offer. It says that the GCs can be used at food/beverage and merchandise locations ( am I interpreting that correctly?)...still a good deal...but I was hoping to save the cards for a future room...hmm...what to do! Disney certainly doesn't make it easy!!


We'll be there for 4 nights, and it's just DD and I going. So using it for food or merch will cut down on how much spending money I'll need to sock away. Though when I checked out, it looked as if they had taken the money off of the total due at check in. So either way, I'll be ahead for our trip.


Awesome! You guys are going to have so much fun!! I'll have to tell my DD your DD likes the pirate rooms! :wink:


Absolutely! Though she did request the room closest to the Pirate curtain in the changing area so she wouldn't wake up and freak out looking at a pirate skull across the room. LOL. How old is your DD?


DD is 12. She said the same thing about the pirate curtain!! I never would have thought of that!!


I thought the curtain was very cool! My 16 year old anticipates a full on freak out from her at some point on the trip. It makes me chuckle a little, as I see it as she still has a bit of a "little kid" in her.


I saw the note on the website about $75 gc/ nt for ck in's

May 1st or after but I just liked again today and it's gone!...I was looking under AP discount, which I had done when I saw it before. Anyone know of they pulled the offer?


Another tidbit of info on this: Disney will also move you at no charge FROM cbr to any other moderate on their dime. We were booked at CBR this coming September but they moved us to POR which was 600 dollars more for the stay and they covered the increased cost so I got my package at the same rate as CBR was. We have two young kids and the "no noise except between 9-5" doesn't play well when you have nappers midday and the fewer food choices doesn't benefit those with picky eating children haha! Hope that helps someone who is looking to get out of CBR!
PS: if you have a party of five or more they'll upgrade you for free to the deluxe Saratoga springs too!