CBR Refurb thru end of 2017 = $75 GC!


When they say they switch you to another moderate resort for the same price as CBR that is without the $75 GC though, right? Therefore it is still more expensive to stay at, let's say, POR.


Technically I suppose you're right in most cases haha. We saved a few bucks because we are there seven nights and saved 650 moving to POR at no cost and would've made 525 with the gift cards and construction. But yes it's without the gift cards. I love CBR and was super sad to not stay there on a trip we planned months ago but if the kids don't nap and eat well we all know how the magical trip turns into the trip of horrors haha.


And by "saved" I mean that as in we were moving regardless so we just lost out on the free money lol


I read somewhere recently that the gc offer was for stays may- June 30. They may have pulled the offer due to people taking advantage? Rooms all filled? I don't know.


I've booked there in November, and the Disney site had said all stays through 2017. If it's changed, I'll be a little torked. I switched from AoA to there basically because it was close to even with the GC.


I hope it works in your favour. I considered changing but didn't, it was too vague for my liking.


There is a memo "leaked" from Disney that is saying that the GC offer is now only for bookings made up to March 18, for stays from May 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. That's next year.

The details can be found in a Facebook group for fans of the CBR resort. I'll get the link and update this post - I'm currently on a non-Disney vacation and have only a phone and tablet, so flipping back and forth getting quotes and links is a bit tricky.

ETA The FB group is Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and they've been discussing this topic quite extensively.


Sounds like that would cover anyone who booked before they announced the construction essentially. In theory if someone booked CBR today they'd know exactly what they were getting into and thus the $75 "apology" by DIS wouldn't be needed. And they probably figured out everyone was anxious to book CBR to get the $75 and wanted to stop the free $ train. :relaxed: