Casual Disney...A Wine & Dine Half Marathon (No Longer) Live-ishTrip Report

Good morning from BOS! On my plane awaiting takeoff for a week in the World. I haven’t visited since January 2020 - I am very excited…even if part of it is running a half marathon.
I keep telling my DM (who is meeting me there) - that this trip is ‘casual Disney’. I don’t think she believes me (she’s been on a few rope drop to park close every day trips with me), but I really don’t have much planning done.
This is my first trip report and I am unsure how committed I will be to the process, but I thought I’d try! What content can you expect? All 4 parks, Run Disney, Christmas Party, Space 220, and maybe even a liner meet!
Time for takeoff, have a magical Friday, talk soon!


Have a great time!


Safe Travels!

Have a great trip and race.


Safe travels! I will wave at every plane that flies over my house this morning (as my neighbors note the time to complain…)


Shortly after takeoff I went to check the time and realized I’m not wearing my Fitbit. I assume I forgot to put it on after my shower (though that’s never happened before). Totally fine, except that I’m entirely unsure the point of running a half marathon if I can’t crush my friends in our weekend step challenge.
Made it to DCA, halfish way there!!


You may be able to buy a new one when you land in MCO


I’m hoping there’s something good at the Run Disney Expo.


That was my first thought, which I immediately dismissed as ridiculous. (Trying to curb my shopoholic tendencies.)

But then …

[/quote=“StinsyLinson, post:7, topic:81918, full:true”]
I’m hoping there’s something good at the Run Disney Expo. [/quote] :laughing:

Safe travels and have fun. Our first look at the Christmas party, so hoping you will have time and energy to keep up with the report - even if it’s after you return home. Thanks for sharing.


I come here for the endless access to enthusiastic enablers. :grin:


Hahaha! This is especially funny since you were one of my enablers to get me to book this trip and run the half! Thanks for your enabling! I’m super excited for this run and mini-solo trip.

Glad you’re doing a trip report! I may start one too or I may just post in the Run Disney thread.

Hope to see you at the party! Safe travels!


Safe travels and happy shopping!

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Landed, baggage collected. Got in DME line at 12:10, on a bus by 12:20 - just waiting for luggage to get loaded.


Have a great trip!!


OMG How they heck is it almost 1pm already!

This day is flying! Glad it has gone quickly for your sake! Hope it goes slower for you once you’re in the bubble!

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For the first time ever I used the TP room request feature. Did not at all get the room I was looking for - but when I went to the desk to get magic bands, they were able to switch it for me. Staying in a Royal Room at POR (another first) and I could honestly spend hours looking at all the details.

Off to the expo!



Grabbed my bib and shirt and walked around the expo. Realized I had not eaten all day so I grabbed a quick bite at the little Cilantro food kiosk. Tasty quesadilla!

After my brain had some fuel I went back to the Expo and bought a Garmin. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


See now this seems like a thing one would do while in a glucose-starved brain haze


good for you!



Which one? I love my Garmin watches!

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The Venue SQ