Carrying Droid Around

My son wants to make a droid on our HS day, and he’s going to be really disappointed if make him wait till the end of the day.
I’m willing to get him a backpack, but I think it’s still going to be a huge pain to carry it around. Won’t it be hot? What does he do with it on rides?
Do we have any other option? (Besides shipping it home, he wants to play with it on vacation.) will they hold it? Is package pickup running?

Maybe this thread will have information that can be of help? I know you’re talking WDW v DL but maybe some crossover thoughts?

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My husband and I built a Droid in December 2020 and we carried it in the purchasable backpack for the rest of the day. He wore it and we played with it while waiting in line the rest of the day. It’s not heavy and it fairly small. I suppose the size is relative depending on how old your son is. Our park backpack that we stock with sunglasses, sanitizer, water, etc was larger than the Droid backpack, so we were able to take it on rides without issue, just like our backpack. Most rides have a pouch or room at your feet to place a bag.

It was December, so temps were mild (60s-70s at the hottest part of the day) but I wouldn’t imagine it being too hot since it is small and made of canvas.

Are there rides in particular you’re worried about? The only one I can see being a potential problem would be RnRC or SDD but they have pouches/ space at your feet. I can find a picture of it, if that would help. So you can see “real” size.

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Okay, I lied. :joy::joy::joy: It’s taller than I remembered. I forgot there is some extra space at the bottom, under the droid.

BUT it was light and easy to carry. I just confirmed with my husband that I wasn’t lying about that part. :laughing: He said he’d carry it around any day in the park and that it was fun to have.

Hopefully this pics helps for some perspective… and hopefully someone else can help with a solution if you don’t want to carry it around.


Thank you that was so helpful!!!
I’ve never been to HS so I wasn’t sure if any of the rides were a concern

This is a 12 year old carrying it if it helps…he usually complains about carrying anything, but he happily lugged this thing around all day.


We carried two of them (BB’s) in our regular backpacks without any issue

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We rode RnR with it in the backpack.

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I bought a ridiculous amount of stuff at Galaxy’s Edge and ended up with a gigantic bag of goodies - it was much bigger than these backpack pictures - and I was very stressed about taking it on SDD. I kept it at my feet and it was totally fine. The sides of the cars you sit in are closed so there was no possibility of my hoard of stuff falling out of the ride.

This is a great picture. I can see in his eyes how happy he is!

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