Carry on only any tips?

Nice!!! Thank you!

I decided I would rather have it delivered than go to baggage claim…food, toiletries is what we usually pack. If luggage were still being handled I’d probably still pack all of that!

how much does it cost to have Amazon deliver to the hotel these stays?

In the past we have rented a car, so I would pack what I wanted knowing that if we needed to run to a store we could. We go get our snacks when we get there. We normally stay off property because we are a family of 5 and I prefer to have two bathrooms lol. So we also take advantage of the laundry, I will bring a few pods with me so I don’t have to buy them.

I think I have read the hotels charge $5 but no charge for Amazon if you have Prime

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That 3-1-1 rule is the bane of my existence. My full size shampoo, conditioner and body wash have forced me to check our luggage. After the kerfuffle that was picking up luggage at MCO in April, I agreed to do carry on only for our couples trips. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. We don’t get a rental and I don’t know the first thing about delivery. I may run to DS and pick up something at Basin to use for the week. I wish I liked the H20 stuff that comes in the room, but it smells to woodsy for me.


It’s kind of a pita, but to me it’s worth it to get some quality bottles and jars and transfer my own liquids. Also it’s amazing how far product can really go and how little you actually use. For example my face cream that lasts me over a month at home is in a 1.7oz jar. For a week trip I need roughly .5 oz. Shampoo and body wash are the only liquids I absolutely need 3oz of. Also make sure you really look at what counts as liquid. Most deodorants do not which is really helpful.


I just fill travel size containers from my usual products. Has anyone found any good 3 oz containers with twist tops? I can only find them with flip tops, which I’ve had leak too often, so I’ve gone with these 2 oz twist tops instead:

Twist Top Spout Natural Clear Refillable (BPA Free) Plastic Squeeze Bottle - 2 oz (6 pack) + Funnel

Our local grocery store (Fry’s - it is a subsidiary of Kroger) carries these multi-colored ones, some with twist tops, some with spray tops, some with squirt tops, etc. They have them in a bin near the travel size shampoo and you can mix and match.

Here’s a set from Target that is similar (but no colors):

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One of the biggest questions I have is contact solution. TSA suggests it’s both allowed and not allowed cause it falls under the medical umbrella.

So stupid

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I use Clear Care (hydrogen peroxide) solution which I’ve read can be an issue. I always put one small bottle in my checked bag and one in my carry-on so I’m covered if the first gets lost or the second gets confiscated. But I’ve never had any issue with it in security.

I use disposable contact lenses where each lens is individually packaged w/ a small amount of saline. They go in a separate quart sized bag with all of my medication. No one has ever questioned it. If I was carrying around saline & cleaning solutions, I would package them w/ my medications as well.

I have a random collection of Travelon and GoToob like containers. Most are flip top and the only thing I’ve had explode is sunscreen so I always underfill it now.

I think it’s allowed to be over the liquid limit, you just have to pull it out of your bag with the rest of your liquids for inspection. In all honesty unless you have multiple bottles stored all over your luggage I doubt they are going to notice in the scanners.

It looks like the Target ones are fliptops. I’ll check Kroger next time I’m over there. Ty!

I’ve had leakage on numerous occasions. I wonder if it’s because we frequently travel to MN at Christmas? Possibly the combination of the cold and the air pressure? I try to leave some expansion gap, but maybe not enough? (We occasionally carry on so I try to be prepared for either, but we more frequently check so it could get the cargo holds without pressure/temp as well controlled?)

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I only travel carry-on only and the liquids are a pain in the neck. My hair is … well, it’s a lot to deal with. I need my product. So often we will purchase at our destination, but that’s not always convenient. If traveling with my daughters, I can usually get some of my stuff in their liquid bag. Short trips (2-3 nights) are usually fine and I take a lot of those.

I have found travel sets in the cosmetic section of my local pharmacy.

I’ve checked our Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Dollar Tree. No twist tops. All flip tops or the kind that toggle open. :persevere:

Nalgene bottles are very secure and come in various small sizes. Mine have many years and miles on them. I’ve seen them at REI, Container Store, and of course Amazon.



Lol. I was so excited there for a hot minute.

They appear to come in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz. No 3 oz. :joy: