Carry on only any tips?

Unfortunately I think I got mine at Rite Aid. I have a 8 pack - half flip/half twist.

They closed all the stores around here. Now I cannot find the only sunscreen I am not allergic to….

We have a Rite Aid down the street (and around the corner from the CVS). I would be happy to check for you. :slight_smile:

Erg!!! Isn’t it just bizarre??? They spend so much money trying to come up with new stuff for us to buy, yet take away things we bought over and over. You’d think with online ordering niche markets could be supported!

If they have 3 oz twist top travel containers, please ping me!!! :joy:

(Not seeing them on their website though. So odd. They used to be so easy to pick up pretty much anywhere!)

I am desperately looking for Daylogic SPF 30

I can find the 70 online but I tried that on my cruise and I had to jump in the ocean to get it off within seconds.

If you see it I will send cash and packaging!!!

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eBay has it for sale- expired in 2019- yeah I have some of that too (and I will use it if I have to!)

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I will check next time I am out and about. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!


Those have 3 twist

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Sunscreen is my biggest issue - for a short trip I can use the small bottles, but for a long trip I would have to have some delivered.

I bet that does play a role in it. I’ve had it happen on trips to NYC and Orlando though so I’m really not sure. You can also put a little square of saran wrap under the lid before you screw it on and it does help prevent leaks. I have a very silky hair serum I put in a small container and it always leaks unless I put the plastic ersp on first. Sometimes I think it’s just luck of if it explodes or not.

I use the toiletries at my hotel but don’t buy any. I saw your post about the contact solution but are there other toiletries that cause you problems? I have to pack makeup stuff too which I’m betting you probably don’t pack :slight_smile: and can still manage for a week or more with 3-1-1

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Woot! It’s supposed to be in stock locally too!

So I looked up the active ingredients in the SPF 30 vs the SPF 70. Have you tried this CVS SPF 30 that has similar active ingredients? Of course, it could be one of the inactive ingredients that’s the problem… But it looks like this is a Riteaid store brand product, which are often mass produced and labeled as different store brands, so you might be able to tick and tie ingredients to find a close match.

This is where I found consistent ingredient labels:


Thanks! I tried searches that included the active ingredients and the first five ingredients. The daylogic 30 shows up on mineral free lists so I wonder if that is it too. I don’t think I will ever know. My dad at 87 just had his 10th major skin cancer surgery and I turn purple as my skin burns with the wrong brand (usually during my FL trips). I could be a nee Marvel character?


The contact solution and then sunscreen, shaving cream, tooth paste, mouthwash, and then 5 hour energies so I can keep going :slight_smile: I feel like I might be forgetting something, but those are the primaries.

Next to the contact solution, sunscreen is one of the bigger challenges cause … yeah sunburn sucks. For a few days, it’s no problem, but when your trip stretches into the week-long territory, the 3-1-1 gets more and more restrictive.

Now we know how you do it!


heheh didn’t know it was a secret. I know i’ve mentioned them a few times

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Hey was just watching tv and saw an ad for 5hr energy and I just had a thought: what about caffeine supplement pills instead of the 5hr energy liquid? Would cut down on your liquid for carry on. There are a bunch of options as it turns out, through GNC and similar. Not sure if it will work for you but it’s an idea. :bulb::upside_down_face: