Caribbean Beach Resort bus routes

Has anyone recently stayed at Caribbean beach resort and know the bus route going to the parks? We are going in June and I would like to request a room in the section where the first pick up is.
Thank you in advance fo your help

Thanks for posting - we are going in June as well and this was one of my CBR questions as well. Going to join the thread to keep in touch with the group wisdom!

I want to know this as well. We go next month.

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I recently asked a similar question! Here’s the info I got: Caribbean Beach Bus Service

Thank you

I just stayed there in Nov. The buses went in this order - Martinque, Port Royale, Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, Aruba. We stayed in Barbados and didn’t have any problems. We did however get on buses in Barbados that did not go around to the other stops and did witness other guest having problems with buses.