Caribbean Beach Bus Service

Is it still as bad as mentioned in The Book? (Long waits when the bus is full and passes you by.)

Any recommended areas to stay for someone only using Disney transportation and not renting a car? Which area has been getting stopped at first on the way to the parks lately?

We stayed there before construction in 2016. We never had a full bus pass us by at the resort. We stayed in Martinique (standard room), but I have no idea what the bus route is now. We also didn’t tend to try to catch the bus during busy times. We would leave early for rope drop or we would head out around lunch or sometime in the afternoon. I did notice that trying to catch the bus from the food court or after could cause some problems during busy times.


We were there summer of 2017, and at that time, Martinique was the first outgoing bus stop. On the way back from the parks, we always stopped at Jamaica first. Our room was also in Martinique, and we never waited long for one, nor had a problem getting on the bus, but there were a few days when it filled up, and we did skip other stops. I’m not sure if the bus pattern is still the same now or not.

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Am also interested in an answer to this so we can use the “room finder” to find the best section for getting transportation. Using the “room finder”, I picked “king bed” (we have already booked a king room) and “Touring Plan Pics” and all 3 recommedations are in Jamacia. Looking on the map, it looks like this is the closest one to Buena Vista Drive, so does this mean its the “First” stop when going from the resort or the “Last Stop”?

We’ve stayed at the Caribbean Beach several times, although not since the renovations. We always stayed in Jamaica because that was the first bus stop, so you were virtually assured of a seat on the bus in the morning. There are several more stops in the resort after that, and there were times when the bus filled up after the third stop and then had to bypass the other stops. I can’t be sure that the order of bus stops is still the same, but if it is, Jamaica would be a preferred area for me for that reason.

We were there in late November. The first stop is currently Martinique, Aruba the last, so Jamaica is second to last.

Sometimes they split the resort up into A- and B-side. A-Side is Martinique, OPR, Barbados and Trinidad. B-side is Jamaica and Aruba. I can’t remember what the driver said when they do it, but usually in the mornings the bus left the resort after Trinidad.

In the afternoons even being at Martinique does not guarantee a seat or that you can enter the bus. One afternoon we had to wait for the next bus, as the first one was full with returning guests. But that was the only issue we had.