Capture Your Moment - help me choose!

Cannot decide which CYM to do with my family. Please vote.

Which Capture Your Moment should I do?
  • Magic Kingdom - Main St and Castle
  • Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland and Castle
  • Epcot
  • Hollywood
  • Animal Kingdom
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Background: this will be me, DH, DS, and DD (currently CP, and the reason for this visit) as well as my Mom and my Aunt. Mom and Auntie haven’t been to WDW in many years, and they have never done it the way we do :slight_smile: This trip is a big dill

I have done AK in 2021 when we celebrated all the birthdays. It was rainy that day and so we look a little drowned, but we have been in that environment. It was fantastic, and you all know I love my tree.

I also did MK - which then did not distinguish between lands as it does now - in 2022 for the graduations and my marathon. Those are some awesome pics.

MK and AK would be in the morning when we are fresh. Of course, the two parks I’ve had it done in before are at that time of day.

I’ve not done EP and HS so that’s the draw, but both parks will be afternoontime and depending on weather we might not be quite "brand new’

I can’t decide. Can you help??


I voted AK because it’s your absolute favorite park and because you would be fresh and not freaking tired (speaking toward the older members of your party).


For this reason, classic castle pics seem logical :woman_shrugging:t4:


I voted Castle Main Street mostly because it’s iconic and for such a big trip that seems to fit.

Would also lean towards DD’s favorite park to celebrate her DCP :grin:


There’s no loser in there, of course.

But I feel like EPCOT and SE is both a nice background and not too busy to take away from the family in the photo - I tend to like those I have of us the best. But, they’re all good, so :man_shrugging:t2:


I instantly voted AK of course

But upon further reflection I would vote first for Castle and Fantasyland and second Castle/Main Street.

Castle/Fantasyland because back there is where the Fairy Godmother hangs out. This seems appropriate in this trip. :thinking:

Probably not :smile::grin::blush:


Epcot is done only in the world showcase which is quite honestly my hesitation with it cost because of the time of day in relation to where will be and because I would prefer a Spaceship Earth as the backdrop


That’s a big no for me then. :rofl:


I picked fantasyland/castle because it seemed to me that you might get pics that didn’t have as many people, and several options for shots in a closer area so not wasting time walking if trying to find good light in the morning. Main st would work too and if going at fall or Christmas time that would tip my choice for that option. (Maybe I missed what time of year this is?)

If doing AK I would think focus on pics around the tree for the same reasons, finding less people and good light.

HS too many people in afternoon, and Epcot too big and wouldn’t want to waste time walking around unless there are certain pavilions that are meaningful to you. The gardens in some of them are pretty as backdrops but don’t pull at me personally like the castle does.




Changing my vote :smiley:


I voted for MK - Fantasyland because it is what non-Disney people think of as “Disney World.” Of course I would let your daughter pick since this is to commemorate her CP program.

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I voted Fantasyland and Castle bc it’s classic and quintessential Disney. Plus it’s probably going to frost your sister’s cookies more. Especially since she’s missing out on it again.


[searching for frosted cookie emoji]


Well… she’s missing out on this but she is going with her inlaw family next week. Definitely not as fun as going with me and my family, but she will see the castle

It probably frosts her cookies that we are going three weeks later and not with her


Exactly. And seeing these pics of y’all with the castle years from now is still going to piss her off. I’m thinking long game here.


:joy::joy: Everyone stay on LTs good side! She plays for the win!


I’m afraid to think what @LTinNC82’s plan is for the gingerbread house contest where she actually frosts Touring Plan’s cookies.


If it were me, even if AK were my fave & had a morning appointment also, I’d lean to MK for the classic castle icon that seems so fitting for the bringing of extended family for the first time plus commemorating DD’s CP. If it were my DD I would probably defer to her on whether FL or Main St. would be her preference.

Plus, it being in the morning is a huge draw for me (and causes me to definitely discount the other two afternoon appointments). After 45min in a park in Orlando, the glow on my skin & texture in my hair just comes instantly through. There’s no stopping it. So the earlier, the better.


What can I say? Sometimes the devil comes out to play.