Capture Your Moment - help me choose!

Nothing. TP hasn’t wronged me or any of you that I know. We’re collectively mad at @OBNurseNH sister for upsetting her therefore her cookies need frosting. Plus I’m terrible at creative things so I’d probably just put an obscene amount of frosting on it and eat it.


I thought you were All Things Christmas and were already plotting your design.


I bake cookies, not decorate them. Well except our Christmas tree cookies, but all I do is shake the nonpareils on them. I’m honestly not a fan of competitions like that. Someone always seems to ruin them by not being a good sport and being overly competitive.

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I voted AK because I just think it has the most beautiful background. While I absolutely love MK, it is more of a concrete jungle with a castle in the middle of it.


Circling back to share that this morning I finally booked CYM and went with MK Main Street. I was going to do MK FL but there were only afternoon slots since I procrastinated. But the 1015 was still available for Main Street.

I also purchased matching shirts (don’t tell DH - he hates that!) that say Proud DCP Mom/Dad/Brother/Aunt/Grandma in white with black writing and a black with white writing DCP 2023 shirt for her.

Everyone can change out of them after the pics if they want. But I thought this would be nice since the session is to commemorate her program in addition to marking our bigger family trip


Can’t wait to see the pics!

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I like it all.

Good commemorating plans :sunglasses:

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I’ll have to come back and share my level of satisfaction with the product itself, but let me tell you that the Etsy seller I ordered these tee shirts from has been FABULOUS in their customer service.

First, she didn’t have a Proud Aunt of a DCP tee shirt - but she created one quickly for me so I could include it.

Second, I inadvertently added 2 Proud Mom shirts - no idea how that happened and I looked the order over a bunch but it did! - and she caught it and questioned it just to make sure that’s what I meant. When I clarified I only needed 1, she immediately modified the order and refunded the difference despite the shop policy being “no refunds”. I think many shop owners would do the same, but one could certainly stand on that rule and say “so sorry here’s a credit” or “would you like a different shirt”.

Third, she messaged to say that her shirts generally come on this one brand of tee, but for the white shirt many people prefer this other brand (which is heavier). She offered to provide the other brand if I wanted (which I don’t - the brand she uses is nicer/softer even if it’s more lightweight). She didn’t have to do that but it was very thoughtful!

Finally, just coincidence more than customer-service oriented, she shared that she lived in my town for 26 years before moving for her husband’s job and that her family all still live here and in surrounding towns.

The interaction with this shop has been PHENOMENAL. I’m hopeful the product will be great too; after I receive the shirts I will share the shop name and my final thoughts.


The shirts arrived this week and they are FABULOUS! Excellent quality!

You’ll have to wait for trip pics to see them!

Etsy shop is tumbletees


Can’t wait to see the pictures!


I booked a CYM session, but the forecast is predicting heavy rain at that time. I don’t want to even go to the parks if it’s raining, do y’all think they’d refund me in the case of rain? I just don’t know how I’d let them know that I’m not showing up, if it’s pouring, just to cancel a session.

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Yes but………

I had a similar concern for Christmas Day and the rain was not bad at all (mostly a sprinkle during the session) and we ended up with fantastic photos! Our photographer was great at being creative with the little bit of rain we did get.

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I would imagine if its actively raining they would be more inclined to do so because they don’t want to damage their equipment.

On our family AK day session in 2021, it was POURING before and then there was a small break in the rain. They said they thought we could get it in and we did. I love those pics, but it wasn’t our most fun session. I don’t think there’s any way to cancel day-of except in person but if you called guest services they might be able to help you. Or your hotel concierge may be able to.

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Rained most our trip, I ended up just canceling it. Just another thing to look forward to next time!



Wasn’t sure if I should revive this thread or start a new one, but looking for input on the MK Fantasyland Capture Your Moment.

We did a large extended family trip in Dec 2022 and had 2 CYM sessions back to back and absolutely LOVED the photos we got from it. At that time you checked in on Main St. so we started there and did castle shots up and around the back of the castle.

This year we are doing a smaller immediate family trip and would only book one session. Looks like you check in at Liberty Square now, which would make the Fantasyland option work for us.

With all that, my questions are:

How far do people usually make it in one session for the Fantasyland option? We’re thinking Rapunzel bathroom area, carousel, and back side of castle as backdrops. Does that sound feasible?

Do the Rapunzel bathrooms still draw a crowd? We’d plan to book an early morning slot (and on a MNSSHP day) to avoid too many people in the shots. Is it weird to include the bathroom? :sweat_smile: This will be a very princess centric trip and DD4 will probably wear her poofy Rapunzel dress for the shoot.

My favorite photo from last time included for engagement boost. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for any input/advice!


No advice, but this is a BEAUTIFUL photo!!

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I haven’t done the FL option but this sounds more than possible - everything is so very near to one another.

It does tend to be very peoply there. It doubles as a stroller area so you’ve got people coming and going to the bathrooms, and families coming and going and searching around for their strollers. I don’t think it’s at all weird to include the bathrooms (I’ve seen wedding photos done in that area!) and early morning would be a better time. Give it the ask when you check in!!

LOVE the photos!!!