Can't book my 180 +10

Woke at 5. Couldn’t get BOG or Tiffins and I’m not able to get the full 10 days… Now on hold but I have to get ready for work. Suggestions…

Bog is being a bit of a swear word for anything past Dec 31. Packages also are being a confusing nuisance. I’m currently on hold with them… Again. Every night. My 180 day mark was Monday. And I’m calling from Australia. 40 minute wait time tonight too. Hooray.

But why can’t I book +10??? That’s my issue now.
Never had this problem before.

Is it any day past the first date? Sometimes logging in again can help.

It abruptly stops at 1/1 but we stay another 5 days past that.

I’ve been having issues with anything past the 31st Dec too. I did manage to get a dinner reservation for the 1st, but anything else isn’t working either.

Exactly. About to get off the phone…Don’t have the time.

If I manage to get anywhere I’ll let you know

Still no luck with BOG- I can actually get further than the call centre. They said to keep checking back. While I was messing around I did manage to get something at tiffins on the 1st, so you might have more luck this afternoon or tomorrow.

Unfortunately we just have to keep struggling through :confused:

Thanks for the help. Let me know if you get past the 1st. Really busy day at work today. Hoping I can get to it.

Try incognito. Log out log back in.

It seems to be a glitch switching over to the New Year. You can find times, and get to the very last page of the booking then it gives an error instead of a confirmation. Or it will say absolutely nothing available for the whole day within the first minute of the day becoming available for +10. Or it will have an error just trying to search. The call centre had the same trouble.
Logging in and out gets you further, but still ends without the booking :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d bet that if you’re having trouble then probably everyone is. If that’s the case, then no one is getting in ahead of you snagging the times you want. So just keep trying!

Arrrgggghhhh. Thank you all for your suggestions.
What a PITA!!

At work, still can’t make anything beyond 1/1. My dates are shaded but cannot click on any of them…

If you haven’t yet, make a ressie finder notification for something on that date so you know when the system comes up (and make one for BOG).

Seems like the dining has been glitchy lately – you aren’t the first that I’ve read can’t make their full 10 days.

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Nothing’s changed. Still can’t go beyond Jan 1…

I just got my Jan 1 breakfast at BOG.
If you still can’t make yours now, I suggest trying again first thing in the morning. It may beupdating one day at a time, though I couldn’t begin to understand why.

I would phone.

I had a similar problem last year, trying to book for our Christmas / NY trip. It was the 3rd of Jan that was the issue, it kept making the reservation for the 1st of March. Even selecting the date on the calendar, it made the booking for March (way beyond 180 days!). Tried both UK and US site, still the same. And each time I tried to cancel it wouldn’t.

Phoned Disney, and they removed all the duff reservations and booked Beaches and Cream plus Sci Fi for me. No idea what the problem was online.

Sounds similar. I couldn’t drop another reservation I had made on the 31st. Call centre said it showed up as cancelled. It was also showing up on their system as the 1st.
They also keep trying to confirm for TUESDAY the 1st on the phone…but the 1st is a monday. That might be part of the problem.