Can't book my 180 +10

Right, Jan 2 isn’t even opening up!!!

Which restaurant are you looking for? I’ll check as well and see if it’s the same error.

It’s not a matter of which restaurant…The option to look past Jan 1 is not there…I cannot click on any dates past 1/1. We arrive 12/27 and stay thru 1/6.

I’d definitely call them. I’m not sure about how the intricacies of hotel rooms etc work, but I’ve read that sometimes that can cause problems. The 2nd is showing up on my search when I went in just now.

Yes, I know it is time consuming and a pain, but it may be your best shot at getting the ADRs you want.

Got thru quick but I’m on hold with someone… Something is screwy on their end for sure

They are having the same issue

I hope they can figure it out quickly for you

I.couldn’t get in on on my day but was able to book from my phone.