Cancelled for December

It is sad, but true. We have decided to cancel our night at The Contemporary for our December trip. It is a dream we will have to put off until another time (our 30th anniversary, perhaps?).

It just seemed like we were trying to make CR work, but with all the things we had hoped to revolving around the CR having been cancelled, it was líke we were paying a huge premium (an extra $300 at least) just so we could look out our window at the MK at night.

Even if by some miracle they bring back the fireworks, we hope to watch them from inside the park or something anyhow. And the fact that our room ends up not qualifying for the AP discount they have now means we could add another night onto BWV 1 bedroom (versus a studio at CR) for $300 less.

And the lady who we rented from originally has points enough to rent us one more night. She is adding us to the wait list. If that goes through, the savings jumps from $300 to $440!

This change gives us a bit more flexibility of which parks on which days, plus means we don’t have to go through the hassle of changing rooms. (Although, I do worry at the possibility that because it will be two different reservations that they might move us from one room to another within the same resort!)

It is a little sad, since staying at CR has been a dream of mine since I was young…but it just feels like the best thing to do right now.


I am sorry you have to delay your dream.

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Oh man, too bad! Makes sense, I know watching fireworks from the balcony was a big reason for you.

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Aww man, I was looking forward to fighting you for that King bed room, lol!! :rofl:

But, in all seriousness, I do get it, although it’s sad. Here’s to hoping your dream is not deferred for too long.

Shh. Don’t tell anyone, but that’s the REAL reason I decided to cancel. I didn’t want to risk being made fun of for being beat up by a girl! (A ninja one at that!) :wink:


Well, I AM from Jersey, after all. And my dad was 1st generation Italian American, so… It’s a real fear, :grin:


Hugs to you!!

I’m debating my January BLT stay - not the visit part. The BLT part. Was supposed to be at the Poly but with all that mess going on my TA and I moved me. I’m really trying to get excited about BLT, but for me the Contemporary/BLT has just never been a draw. It is just what has made the most sense with my park plans. But I’m still debating.

Now, I know room requests are never guaranteed…but I recall someone saying that some of the lake view rooms at BLT actually give you a view of the MK itself. I don’t know if that would help. Of course, you would have to be fine if you didn’t get such a room.

I am sorry about the Poly loss for you, though. I don’t have recommendations for you, though, since I’ve only previously stayed at Pop (in August) and Dixie Landings 25 years ago (aka, POR). :confused:


BTW, have you looked into renting DVC points for a Poly studio? Not sure how it compares and availability.

I was in a Studio at Poly. I’ve just been waiting so long to stay there, not having a monorail and having stuff disrupting the GCH… I’d rather wait until it’s done to stay there.

I like using my TA, and hearing the nightmares from rented points from cancelled stays, there is no way I’d be into renting points.


Makes sense. I’ve had two reservations for the same resort and Disney has let me stay in the same room both times. I think its easier for them to not have you change rooms. My TA made the request that we stay in the same room and I did as well with the front desk. Fingers crossed for you.

Especially now that they leave the room empty for a few days after checking out.

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Ah. Good point! :slight_smile: That makes me hopeful. Because it would be so annoying to wake up, having to pack everything up, take it all down to bell services, only to have to then go gather it back up later that day and re-settle into another room in the same resort! I mean, sure…we would have done that if we had kept the room at CR, but still!


I hadn’t heard that. Interesting. Because of Covid?

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Yes, to let the rooms air out between guests.


I have heard that Universal has confirmed they are doing this but Disney, although they might be trying, has not committed to this?

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Yes! We’ve stayed in Lake View rooms at BLT twice. Both times, we had a fantastic view of MK.

Even pre-covid they tried to keep you in the same room, they need to clean the room when you leave, rather than just the tidy/replace towels they do.

I’ve heard that if you do something make 7 one-night reservations and get the dining plan on every other one, then they’ll make you move just for annoying them.


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Ha that would be annoying.