Can We Talk About Airport Transportation Options?

Ha. I leave at LEAST 2.5 hrs ahead, but more often 3. We left DS at 3p for a 6p flight with a rental. I’d rather sit at the gate than be freaking out waiting to check my luggage.

I’m a very nervous day-of traveler. It’s not the flying, it’s the logistics like these


I guess my question wasn’t clear. I’m asking how those of you who cut it so close to the wire for the trip to the airport (whether going to Disney or from) deal with the possibility that you could end up missing your flight.

I nearly shat a brick when I was delayed going into philly the one time(and I was 4 hours early and it was 3AM!), and I’ve experienced delays on MDE coming from Disney. I’m curious what your mindset(s) and backup plans are given you COULD find yourself on the wrong side of that timeline.

Cause all of this has me feeling like that Progressive commerical, and I’d like to not “turn into my parents”


If you aren’t living on the edge you are taking up too much space. LOL! I’d give myself more time during rush hour traffic.

See this?


I don’t have one? I am at the mercy of the airline industry at that point and - contrary to my personality - would have to dig deep and roll with it.

But that’s why I’m not

this kind of person.

I get ugly under stress, and I can’t think of a less pleasant way to close out a trip.

My ex-SF once went ballistic on all of us at the airport at the conclusion of what had been a wonderful extended family trip. What do I remember most about that trip? That horrible ending.


I guess I’ve been lucky? I’ve never had to run to a gate or felt like I was cutting it close.

Yes, I would say you’ve been lucky. Especially in more recent days when I’ve heard so many stories of a disaster waiting for luggage drop and getting through a nutso TSA line resulting in missed or near-missed flights.

Carryon and TSA Pre? Sure, less problem.

YES! I’d much rather be at the gate and reading or doing terminal laps or something than try to get just a few more minutes in and be rushed getting to the airport. Even with PreCheck. I’ve seen PreCheck at MCO be a poop show multiple times. Especially for the side that handles Southwest.


The only time I have had to run through the airport was for connecting flights where the first one was late.

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We used Lyft to go to the airport last two trips - and had no issues. We target 2-2 1/2 hours as we have TSA Pre. For 2 people, the cost of Lyft was on par with Mears.


Many many years ago at Heathrow.

Flight from NY - with several passengers for a Euopean tour starting in Utrecht - trying to make a flight to Amsterdam. Which was being held for us, tho we were expected to run from one plane to the other. Lots of surly looks from passengers already on the plane. :smile:

That was my closest to visiting England. :blush:

I’m very much in the plenty of wait at the airport group.


I used Mears 2 weeks ago. No problems, no waiting. I am using them again in another 2 weeks. I know some people had issues with Mear especially in the beginning of the year, but between DW and I we used them for 9 individual transfers to and from the airport this year, not one problem. DW and I often arrive and leave WDW on different days.


Anyone have experience with Sunshine Flyer yet?

Not direct personal experience but I’ve had a bunch of friends use them and enjoyed it. Their only real criticism has been that they are not super easy to find due to lack of signange (which they were asked about and said it was a restriction put on them by MCO at this time - maybe a trial period?). But otherwise I’ve not heard anything negative about them.

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Should I recommend them to 1st timers or have them stick with Mears?

I hear WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more trouble with Mears, including last minute cancellations (which I have heard extended well beyond the Disney/Mears debacle from the spring).

If you direct them the same way as they would have gone for DME (or would now go for Mears) but go LEFT at the bottom of the escalator vs right, they’ll find it okay.


FWIW I read (or heard) recently, that Sunshine Flyer was revamping their website and booking platforms to make it easier/more intuitive, they have added additional motorcoaches and are hopefully getting additional signage in place at MCO. I think mid/end June was the target for the website/booking platform upgrades.

No direct experience, just what I have heard.

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I used them last month. Easy, quick service, nice people, pleasant ride. Their location is at the opposite end of the whatchacall it from Mears. So instead of going left when you get off the elevators, go right. (or the other way around. Don’t ask me for directions)
My only complaint is that the waiting area is outside, unlike at Mears where they have that giant portion of the room set aside with each hotel having their own line.


This is correct, since you’d go left off the escalators which face the elevator bank.


I saw significantly more Sunshine Flyer buses/vans than Mears vans on my last trip. They website and booking process is a little clunky, especially if you need to change plans, but they were easy to work with. They will be my preferred vendor from now on.

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