Can’t Never Could, quick last minute WDW weekend

Hello from the Nashville airport. I am traveling to WDW with my BFF for a trip we planned about three weeks ago. We are frequent visitors but haven’t traveled together in a bit. It’s so easy to go with a Disney pal! I like to travel with my dh and dd17 but they take a lot more energy.

We are calling this an upside down trip and hope to try a lot of new things! For starters, we’re staying at CBR, which is new to us. Just got a room ready text. We’re in Aruba on a first floor.

And documenting a trip report is a first for me. I’ve read and enjoyed countless others on this forum and hope to add to the community! But I feel a little self conscious about it too.

We hope to go to Typhoon Lagoon. Original
Plan was do that tomorrow but it’s looking like it will rain all day so we’ll pivot to Saturday.

I’ve never been to La Cava and it’s on our list to have a drink and chips/guac/queso tomorrow (am I really a liner if I haven’t done that before?)

Other firsts- Topolinos for dinner (we’ve done breakfast), low key touring plans, and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

Our plane finally arrived and we will board soon! Thanks for following along!


Have a wonderful trip! It sounds like you have some awesome stuff to look forward to :smile: I enjoy reading trip reports so thank you in advance for sharing yours!


Side note and not trip related but we got to the airport this morning at 11 hoping to go standby on a flight at 1145. We didn’t make that and then our 300 flight has a two hour delay. So we’ve been here almost 6 hours. We’ve walked past every gate. We’ve shopped (which I never do) and I bought a shirt at the Draper James store.

I could put on a plaid vest and do a VIP tour of this airport after today.


Oh my word, 6 hours! That’s about how long it takes us to drive to Disney! You poor things, I hope the rest of the trip makes it all worth it. Have fun!


Do not.

We treat everyone the same.

We’ll beat you up too :wink:

No seriously - we live for this! When we can’t be there we want to hear from people like you who are. So post away! We’ll be watching you. Always watching

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What she said! I love following trip reports :heart_eyes:


Warning… it can be highly addictive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have fun! Can’t wait to follow along. I love trip reports :revolving_hearts:


We made it to Caribbean Beach! I’m happy with our room. It’s closest to riviera skyliner and on the first floor. Owners locker has been requested and we’re going to bed soon so we can be ready for a long day tomorrow. We come home Sunday early afternoon so really just two full days.

Once we finally left, everything went so smoothly. It was a great flight, we had no issues getting our visitor toll pass and picked a car from the hertz gold aisle (that I booked on Hotwire for a great price). No traffic, quick Publix stop, and we were here lickety split.

This resort always seems so big when I go over it on the skyliner. At the moment we are thinking of using the bus stop at the riviera so we don’t have to do the internal loop but we shall see what actually happens.

Thanks for your encouragement!! I’ll do my best to give a good report!!


Happy it’s going so smoothly! Don’t worry about us. We take whatever we can get and we don’t get upset when it comes to trip reports! Sleep well!


I hope you have a great day today! It sounds like everything is off to a good start!


So true. There are times when I am thinking - Can somebody post a trip report already! :smiling_face:

You’re already rocking it!

What she said.


This is probably the smartest move! You’d be last in the internal bus stop (2nd in the mornings but 6th in the afternoons)

Have a magical day!


We have acquired boarding group one, ll at 905 for frozen, and an ill for guardians. Rope dropped the skyliner in the rain. Heading to Epcot!

It’s gonna be a rainy day! But that isn’t gonna get me down!


Bummer for the rain. Sounds like you are off to a great start though! Have a great day!!


On the first rat at 824


Nice. And before EE actually starts. You can be on FEA with little to no wait after Remy if you walk with purpose. Have fun!


Unfortunately, frozen is down so we went to soarin, which went down also. But it’s dry here and we’re going to give it 10 minutes before we head over to guardians.


If all else fails, grab a frozen Viking Coffee and some school bread or another tasty snack.


So excited to follow along!! Sounds like your first morning is off to a great start!! Hoping the rain gives you a bit of a break as some point.


Sorry the attractions aren’t cooperating this morning. On the bright side, if FEA comes up after GotG and you get on that you should be in great position to RD La Cava.