Can I go to WDW for Christmas, please?

I’ve been feeling more than usually glum recently so I burned some time this afternoon fantasy shopping a Christmas trip to WDW. Such a trip is still possible, albeit unaffordable. I reckon I couldn’t do it for less than four grand for five nights, all in.

Just out of interest, what would such a trip be like?

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Like, THIS Christmas? Are you asking for actual recommendations or for fantasy recommendations? There’s a difference, at least for me!

Sorry you’re feeling down. Hope your spirits are lifted soon.

IDK. I wish I could make it in early DEC for a few different things. Sadly, my already-planned trip in January will have to do.

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I’m not being serious, really. What would I do with Calvin? And even a “cheap” trip is not affordable. Unless I cancel next summer’s trip. And that would be crazy because that’s a nine night stay with 60 days FPP and reasonable crowds. I’d be swapping it for a five night stay with 30 days FPP and insane crowds.

If somehow I could do both I think I would. If I didn’t have Calvin to worry about and if I could do it for, say, three grand, I’d be tempted.

But it’s fun to fantasise about it. I’d have to start booking FPPs immediately. But what would be left? No FOP, no SDD, no 7DMT. If I was still doing my trip next summer, I’d be willing to eat cheaply and not worry too much about ADRs. (At 30 days, lol!)

No side trip to UOR, either.

It would certainly be fun to tour the resorts and admire the decorations.

And the atmosphere of the place is — I assume — amazing at Christmas.

Why aren’t I richer?


Would you consider something like this- right before Christmas?

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That sounds like a great deal — though out of my (fantasy) budget. And the timing doesn’t work. I’ve been looking at 22-28th December because I won’t be working much then anyway, so the opportunity cost is relatively low. An earlier week would have a much higher opportunity cost.

Ah, then since this is entirely fantastical in nature, here is my dream Christmas vacation at WDW:

My family and I would arrive on 12/24 at Grand Floridian by private car - champagne on the way from MCO of course - to our Grand Villa with a theme park view. The kids get their own rooms and can’t believe it!!

I’ll have hired a private butler for my stay, of course.

We’d be greeted by our butler and concierge who would review our plans for the evening, which would obviously include MVMCP. with dessert party fireworks viewing.

But first a cocktail at Mizners - got to say hello to NH native Matt who tends bar there - before heading to a late lunch at California Grill (since this is a fantasy, they are open, just for me, and offering butter poached lobster too). We monorail to Contemporary and zoom up to Cali Grill where we enjoy our late lunch, overlooking MK. Swoon.

Following lunch we are whisked off by private golf cart - saving our steps, of course - to MK where we arrive for MVMCP. We stop first to meet Santa - duh - and Mickey - double duh - before Taking It All In. We enjoy the parade, the fireworks (from the dessert party), and All The Rest before returning to our Grand Villa where our living area has been decked out for the holiday, complete with Christmas Tree, and stockings hung by the chimney with care. Our butler has prepared each of us a glass of eggnog which we enjoy in front of the tree all lit up and the other lights down low, and listen to Christmas music playing softly (this is a tradition I have done for years, in honor of my Dad, and I wish he were there too).

We wake up on Christmas morning after a little bit of a sleep-in, and our butler brings us some strong, hot coffee by the tree - juice for the kids. We exchange our gifts, which we sent ahead of course. We watch the WDW parade on tv and enjoy our breakfast which our butler has prepared. To keep with tradition from home we have asked them to bring us some Monkey Bread (the kids’ favorite!) along with eggs prepared to order and crispy bacon. Mimosas all around for the adults, hot chocolate with piles of whipped cream and sprinkles for the kids. It’s Christmas, after all.

Later we head to the MK and meet up with our Plaid. No need to worry about FPP in only 33 days time :wink: We do All The Magical Things As Often As We Like because we are VIPs for the day.

We leave MK around 5 and return to Grand Flo, stopping in at Mizner’s for a little French 75. A dressing drink, we’ll call it. We return to our villa and I enjoy a long hot soak in the tub, and we all get ready for dinner.

Of course we are dining tonight, Christmas night, at V&A (yes, the kids too - and they are excited about it – it’s a fantasy after all). Was there ever any question? We get the whole shebang, soup to nuts and all the extras. And shocker, I’m getting the wine pairings.

We roll back to our villa just in time for the fireworks, and we watch them in front of our Christmas tree, and of course because it’s HEA I cry a little, especially at the part with the lanterns.

That night I fall asleep wondering if it was all a dream. It was a perfect, perfect Christmas Day, and I am so thankful for it!


Somewhat to my surprise, there is still availability at WDW for things like table service meals on Christmas Day, and even the JBJB dessert party on Christmas Day.

You know, hypothetically.


I often ask myself this question.

Savagery. Disgusting. Alcohol has no place in Disneyworld. Those who can’t go the length of a Disney vacation without the crutch of booze should admit to their personal selves they have a problem.

Again??? Does this cavalcade of horrors never end?

When is the filthy lucre chasing “management” going to get right with all things good and convert these dens of vice into places serving nothing but wholesome U.S.-by-God-American milk?


I believe in celebrating. :woman_shrugging:

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Five nights at CBR (Pirate Room, water view), including park tickets and (economy) flight, but not food: £2,750.

Just saying.

Comments on the room?

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You should celebrate being high on life! If it was good enough for the sainted Walt, it should be good enough for you!


CBR is still under construction. I for one am steering clear - and suggesting friends do the same - until it’s complete. The pirate rooms are also way in the back of the resort.

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My thoughts are any room at Disney is better than a room at home.


Same price for five nights at the Dolphin.


Funny, I realized during my recent night at CSR- I love staying at resorts when construction is going on. I have stayed at a Poly, WL, and CSR and each stay was amazing. I admit it- I am weird.


With fees? Plus transportation you/from the airport? Dolphin if it is even close!

Oh. Yeah. No DME if it’s Dolphin. No mention of resort fees. Have to book flight separately and not as part of Disney package, too.

Christmas at Disney is magical. The crowds are awful, though. However, we are leaving in 28 days to be there on Christmas despite the crowds. I see where it would be a temptation for you.

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