Camelot Inn and Suites Review 10/22/21

My stay was from 10/22/21-10/25/21. At the end of May, my friend and I stayed at the Tropicana and we were really happy there. I had planned on staying there for this stay, but my family dragged their feet too long and we could not get a reservation for two rooms. Tropicana and Camelot are sister properties and have pretty much the same room layout, both were recently refurbished and are right next-door to one another.

I stayed in room 406.


  • The rooms were reasonably quiet and I couldn’t hear much from the other guests
  • The rooms were clean
  • We were able to get connecting rooms
  • Recently renovated. The Camelot theme could have been over the top, but I found it to be tastefully done
  • Has a “sleeper chair” which is a must have for us! I have 2 teen boys that refuse to sleep in the same bed
  • Beds/pillows were comfortable (I prefer firmer mattress, but I was fine with what they offered)
  • On property EVC rentals. Something we did not need, but I could see if you did, how convenient it would be
  • McDonalds is right next door and Panera next to McDonalds


  • Our door stuck and was hard to open
  • Have to put key in a slot just inside the room to turn on lights
  • It was just recently renovated, however the bathroom wallpaper was showing some minor wear and bubbling
  • Towels had some stains and were scratchy
  • Lights in bathroom and vanity area were on a sensor and would turn off while in the shower or using the vanity area. It was a minor but frustrating issue.
  • Coffee for coffee maker was horrible.

Overall, I still prefer Tropicana, but if needed I would stay here again.


If you have stayed here, please feel free to add your thoughts!

Question…did you have a car and were you charged for parking? I saw some reviews about them charging those who didn’t have a car there. We are ridesharing so no car, and I don’t want to pay parking.

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We’ve stayed at the Camelot a handful of times (pre their recent reno) and we’ve always driven so I can’t say with 100% certainty that they charge/don’t charge if you don’t have a car, but I would think you would easily be able to have the front desk confirm not to charge you parking and they would remove it. They do allow limited day parking for non-hotel guests (if their lot has any room), so wondering if some of the reviews were referring to that day parking.

There is a $17 charge if you have a car but no charge if you don’t. It is valet parking only.

Directly from the site:

Is there a daily parking fee?

The daily parking fee is $17.00 plus 17% tax. One vehicle per standard room. Two vehicles per Family Suite. Additional vehicles may be parked on site at $27.00 plus tax per day (based on availability.) *Parking rates are subject to change. Valet parking only.