Calling all vegetarians

So I eat fish, and find that easily in WDW…

Friends of mine going are vegetarian, though…

Suggestions on in park eating? Also open to very near park (monorail resort, boardwalk area).

Depends how picky they are but every menu I’ve looked at has at least one veg option.

I haven’t eaten at these yet but Sunshine Seasons at Epcot and Crystal Palace in MK have good options.

Also Columbia Harbor House supposedly has a great veg chili and you can use a snack credit for it.

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CHH also has the lighthouse Sandwhich. Satu’li Canteen has a great fried tofu as a bowl option.

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So…they are vegan?

Or are they ovo-lacto veggie? Or…?

I get pescatarian and ovo-lacto… But what is the difference between someone who calls themselves “vegetarian” vs. “vegan”? Because taking out fish and dairy and eggs seems to be what I understand is “vegan”. I’m confused.

Vegan don’t eat any kind of animal product including eggs, dairy etc, vegetarian don’t eat meat.

That is where I am confused. Because to me vegetarian means no animal products. Because those that eat dairy and eggs are ovo-lacto. And if they eat fish, pescatarian. So the way I understand it with those terms, vegetarian and vegan would be the same. Too many names for the same things. Lol.


We don’t use the term ovo-lacto here - and it’s just taken me 6 attempts to get my phone to accept it without auto correcting!! I’ve never even heard it before. Occasionally someone will describe themselves as pescatarian but they would be considered pretentious!

Here we just have vegetarians who don’t eat meat but some eat fish, and vegans who don’t have any animal products at all. I thought that was pretty universal but obviously not!


I think it is probably just how people - at least the ones I have encountered - do it. But honestly I think it is easier to use them and leads to less confusion. Some good friends are vegan and have said they used to say vegetarian until people started calling themselves vegetarian but eating fish or vegetarian but eating dairy and/or eggs. They ended up at using vegan because of the number of places that would call something with eggs or cheese “vegetarian” when in the true sense of the word it is not.

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I suppose vegetarian is a bad word - when my sister stopped eating meat there were only about 2 vegetables she would eat and she’s not much better now! She lived off pizza and chips until we discovered quorn!


One of the things is that there are multiple “levels” of vegetarian, to include ovo-lacto, that do not necessarily qualify as vegan.

Someone who is vegan will eschew any animal product of any kind, even if it is non-harmful to the animal, or even beneficial. While a vegan would obviously avoid leather, whether as shoes, clothing, or accessories, it may be less obvious that a vegan would also avoid wool - even though the sheep needs to be sheared.

TL;DR: Vegetarian refers primarily to dietary restrictions, while Vegan carries that into other facets of their consumption.


all they have to do is indicate the waitress of what their dining preference is and they will be taken care of. I have a strict vegetarian (who eats only salmon as a fish and nothing else) and a strict vegan in my family. both never leave disney hungry.


Our family is vegetarian (not vegan), and there is a lot of videos and articles out there about eating vegetarian at Disney, but the good news is in the last 10 years it seems things have gotten a lot better for us. In planning our first trip in 9 years basically you can get decent, if not a multitude, of options where as the first time we went it was broccoli slaw (which to be fair was awesome) or pizza.

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Yep I’m pescatarian but usually say “vegetarian, but I eat fish”

Friends are vegetarian not vegan - so they eat dairy, eggs, etc just no meat or fish

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Any particular favorites? Want to try to suggest places that have dishes meant for vegetarian (like the tofu bowl mentioned) rather than the one thing on the menu that happens to be vegetarian in case someone needs it…

Disney caters to everyone (edited for poor word choice), so I don’t think you’re going to find a menu with primarily vegan or vegetarian options.

The bread service and butternut squash soup at Sanaa is a great meal too!


While I haven’t been to many of these ever or since 2009, I remember loving Boma and Jinko at AKL. The new place in Pandora looks like it has some great options.

At Magic Kingdom Columbia Harbor House has that slaw I loved, and Pecos Bills has some tex-mex options. Plaza even has meatless sausage if you like that.

At Epcot we really liked Marrakesh, but will probably hit up Tangerine Cafe, Sunshine Seasons, and Via Napoli.

At Hollywood Studios, Sci-Fi dine in (if you can get a res which i haven’t been able to) has tofu lettuce wraps and veggie burger. While Backlot has a sandwich and Mama Melrose with the typical Italian.

Again I can’t comment on these, but Disney Springs has lots of options surprisingly led by Splitsvilles having a few options.


Well of course, but there is a difference between a delicious vegetarian meal that has been specifically created to be a delicious non-meat meal and an meal that is there just to satisfy a dietary need.

I’m just looking to find out if there are some specifically delicious vegetarian dishes in WDW.

As a veg who eats fish, I specifically seek out restaurants with delicious veg and seafood options. Just trying to do the same for my friends so they can enjoy the best that WDW has to offer rather than walk in a random QS to order the one veg option that may only be there for convenience and may not be very good.

I second Sana’a!!! The bread service was amazing and my mom got some kind of salad that she loved!!! Indian food in general is vegetarian friendly!