Call for enablers

I’ve just been watching Molly spend a day at UOR and it got me thinking about my plans for next summer.

I have a WDW / UOR trip booked for my birthday in late April.

I’ve been looking at flight prices for late June — the same time I went this year. High schools are still in session in the UK, so it can be a good time to go pricewise. I’m seeing fares of £729 for Premium Economy, which is pretty good.

The idea is that the trip would be UOR only. I’ll have my AP, and I’m planning on upgrading to the one that gives you EP after 4pm every day.

I’ll stay on property. I’ll probably book ES as a placeholder, but desperately search for AP rates at somewhere better nearer the time.

I swore I’d never go again in June because of the heat, but being a UOR-only trip, with afternoon EP and being on-property, it would be a super-chilled out trip.

I’ve been looking at seven nights. I could save money by making it shorter. I could spend more money by taking a day-trip to WDW. Park-hopping EP and HS seems easy and attractive.

My commitment at this stage would just be the £729.

Do I pull the trigger?

Oh yeah. You might think this is lame but the timing is motivated by wanting to make the most of my year of having Gold status with Virgin. I won’t get it again. It gives me lounge access (departure and arrival) at Heathrow and the lounge there is a pretty sweet deal. Now that I’m priced out of Upper Class, it’s the only way I’m getting in there.


Are there really people on this forum who would tell you not to come? We’re considering a short (2 night) WDW trip while we’re in Florida for baseball spring training in March so even though I’m new to the all theme park all the time club, I’m here and ready to enable!


I can’t believe you even have to ask.


I’m agonising over dates and duration now.

July flights are literally triple the cost.

Have you looked into convention tickets for WDW? A 2 day ticket is barely more than a 1 day hopper.

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Why not. YOLO.

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I would go the longest time I could for the least amount of money. It’s easier to find affordable accommodations after the fact.

You spelled that incorrectly. It’s agonizing,silly.

This, exactly.

Sounds like good math, @mousematt


Virgin is currently allegedly having a sale. Tickets for late June haven’t been on sale for long. They start cheap and the price goes up as the cheap ones sell out. So if I don’t book now I may lose the low price.

Everything else can be worried about much nearer the time.

So why aren’t we booked yet?

You know me: I’m a worrier.

What actual date ranges are you looking at?

Last week in June

Nothing happening here that would interfere with anything then. If it was early June I would say Memorial Day is late next year so you may have higher crowds the first few days of June as a residual.

Have you looked into the pride days in the parks? I know there’s normally a day or more in June that is celebrated.

First week in June, apparently. Which doesn’t work for me.

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Is there a downside to booking a flight? Like non-refundable or anything? If not, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you get the cheap flight, but then give yourself time to think it over.

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That’s the rub.


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Just decided to distract myself by looking at DLP. It’s surprisingly expensive. The way I would want to do things, an Orlando trip would be longer and cheaper.