California Grill starts new 50th Anniversary Special Limited-Time Menu on October 3rd Reservations start Sept 23rd

New Menu begins October 3rd

Reservations starting on September 23rd

The menu


Adult: $89 per person (ages 10 and up), plus tax and gratuity
Child: $39 per child (ages 3 to 9), plus tax and gratuity


I want that Souffle, but everything else is :woman_shrugging: - and I really just want brunch!!


That is an excruciatingly small menu.

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I am so afraid to open this in readable size… after lunch I will…

Not for me. I’d go if I could have all the desserts though! Well except the cheese.

So happy we got Oct 2! I don’t like Price Fixe menus - as I’m a picky eater that can’t eat much🤪 (only Prix Fixe I’m doing is CRT - because it’s breakfast, and I have never been)


am I blind or is there no pricing?

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No pricing yet, that I’ve found.

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oh ok, cool. I thought I was losin’ it.

OK overall I mostly think I’m okay with this. I see some of their really well-known offerings still here, and a couple of things that are fresh and new too. What they don’t tell us here (or did I miss it?) is what they are going to charge for this prix fixe experience?

I generally don’t like prix fixe though. It ties a guest’s hands in a way that, for me, takes away from the experience. I’m thinking about my April visit when I had a sushi tasting dish and the wontons. Now a person can’t do that. And I almost never get dessert. Now I can skip it, and Chapek will eat it instead. I’m not paying for Chapek to eat.

I also think prix fixe runs the risk of granting opportunity to pre-make too much stuff, and it worries me if things will be as good as they’ve always been.

Depending on the price I may still go - I see things that I really enjoy - but once again I just need to say I’m so absolutely OVER all the change (IRL and at WDW). This has been one of my tops for a long time now and I hate to see it change.


File under: if you have to ask, it’s too expensive (that goes for me too!)

I will not be surprised, based on Space220 pricing to see this upwards of $149/pp

Edited: and in fairness, this is roughly what I would probably spend for a soup-to-nuts up there at minimum. But before this I could spend that $149 MY WAY. That means two appetizers and no desserts.


Chapek’s Signature Move


Which is why @ninjasherrie needs to kick him in the nuts while she has the chance - and then charge him for it.



…like he has ‘nuts’.


Excellent point.


Well he could always turn around and get a boot right in the ol’ Lightning Lane


Might as well kick him in the ‘soul’ while you’re at it.

Guess he does have balls though, truthfully. Brass ones. It takes some stones to put a beloved company on everyone’s s***-list…Probably kept securely in the same vault as the Disney Home Movies. :crazy_face:


Points out that she still has a 10/2 ADR for 2 people at 7:45pm that she isn’t using and we can arrange to drop/add (unless @LTinNC82 ends up wanting it).

That grand marnier souffle looks yummy, but I doubt it will be available when we are there on 10/1. I have been eyeing the creme brulee. :sunglasses:

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Well color me shocked:

That’s… not bad pricing-wise.


$89 with no upcharge for steak?!

I’m shooketh too.