California Grill Menu Pricing Question

I only see one price ($89 per adult) for the California Grill on the WDW website. Was this always a price fixe meal? Or did it change for the 50th? My family has never been there, but I always thought you could go for an entree only and not have to do a starter, entree, and dessert.

This is a new change for the 50th. I don’t believe they’ve said if it is a permanent change yet.

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I just thought it was an option and not the only option. Thanks for the replies.

Only since Covid. It’s a cost saving measure packaged as a “celebration”. They have a more guaranteed money flow coming in, and a smaller menu means lower food overhead and potentially fewer chefs needed to prepare the meals. It also “forces” people who might only want an entrée to have to purchase an app and a dessert as well. This will mean that every adult who comes will spend around $115 - plus drinks.

I suspect this one is driven by the bump in demand due to the 50th rather than anything to do with Covid, really. The rest of your points are spot on.

I was talking to our server a few weeks ago. He said they are doing this because all during the lack of fireworks the restaurant was making much more money. He said often people would come during dinner hours, just order dessert and then tie up a table for a couple of hours.

The prix fixe price is $89 for an adult which I think is a great price. The $115 is for the fireworks celebration party, or whatever they call it.


I think it’s a great price. This is on my must do list.

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The price is great. But the rigidity of what you can have (app-entree-dessert) coupled with the limited menu makes this a “less than” experience for me. I’ll have to think long and hard about whether I go

I believe it. We haven’t eaten here before, so I don’t have any memory of the larger menu to compare with (unless I go look up the old menu, I suppose). When you don’t know what you are missing, the menu looks tempting.

Really. I’m just hungry right now. Any menu looks tempting.