Alright, tell me about this place. We were moved from CSR to here. At first Glace, this is not a resort we would normally consider, but this possible trip will be much more at resort than normal (8 days, only 4 in park), so that combined with no mid day breaks due to limited hours and I think it will work.

So those who are fans, what do you like? What are good activities to do?

Those who have concerns with it, what are they?

And a specific question, if we rent a golf cart, can we take it on the path to Wilderness Lodge from Ft. WILDERNESS?

Thanks is advance

I don’t think you can take your cart to Wilderness Lodge. I think carts stay on FW.

Also, recently that road/path was closed due to the site work for the now-postponed/canceled new construction between FW and WL.

The biggest difference at FW itself is that it’s spread out. You’re a long way from a mug refill, if they’re doing that. If you have a cart, there are plug ins by Pioneer Hall - this has Crocketts Tavern and Trails End Kitchen - near the Marina. There’s also a nice playground near Crocketts Tavern. And cart plugins near the bus stop at the Outpost.

There are 2 trading posts - one near the Marina, and one about halfway there. The Marina is where you get a boat to MK. The Marina also has the table service Trail’s End Kitchen. It’s usually a buffet, so if it’s open, it’ll be changed.

The entrance of FW is the Outpost, which is also where you get transportation to other parks. There’s about a mile between the Outpost and the Marina.

The cabins are grouped in loops with campsite loops nearer the Marina. Tho there is quite a bit of real estate between the Outpost and the cabins.

If you’re heading anywhere in the resort, you’ll leave your vehicle at your cabin. There aren’t parking places at most trading posts or Pioneer Hall.

Usually there is a nightly sing along, smores, and a movie. There is a pool in the cabin area. I think for a water slide you’d go to the main pool.

Playgrounds and lots of paths for walking or biking. I suppose the bike barn would be open for bike rentals. Probably not horseback riding. Archery might still be a thing.

The cabins were dark. The full sized Murphy beds in the living rooms were switched out for queen sleeper couches. Perhaps at that time the living room was brightened up. We brought lights - it was December so we decorated.
There’s a deck and a picnic table. Full size appliances in the kitchen. Dishwasher.

Only one bath but it’s a decent size.

Back bedroom had a bunk bed and a full bed.

It’s meant to be rustic.


I helped a friend plan a trip there last summer.
It was rustic compared to traditional hotel. They rented a golf cart after the first day.

Is this a lateral move per WDW?

I think my family would be fine with it, based on what we are used to. But it sounds like a very different vibe.

I wonder if all the perks will even be in place.

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We’ve stayed there before and liked the cabin, woodsy feel. The buses run slow and we ended up driving our car to all the parks instead of using D-transportation. It was a long walk to a pool too, but that depends on where your cabin is located. We didn’t take advantage of much there but the kids loved the animals. I would totally stay there again, but use my own car to get to parks.


Yes, they called it a lateral move.

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If you were in the Tower, it’s probably less than lateral, tho I’ve only seen the Tower in photos

I’ve camped in probably 40 - 50 campgrounds. Some at least as expensive as FW.

FW is an amazing campground. I wouldn’t mind living there.

The Wilderness homes/cabins are narrow trailers, dressed up with rustic overlay. You can’t swing a cat in the bedroom. The kitchen is a nice size.

But you have an outdoor deck. Take your coffee out there of a morning. Your neighbor is a few feet away. LOTS of trees and other vegetation meant as screening. Nobody is jumping on the floor above you.

If you treat your stay as a mini village, you’ll likely be charmed. Take the cart (reserve as early as you can!) to the Trading Post every afternoon for ice cream.

Cart down to the Marina about 9:15 each evening to see the Electric boat parade - surely that’s still going on.


You’re there for 8 days. Plenty of time to get a nice relaxing routine going.


We love it there. It’s a great experience and i don’t even like camping, but it’s kind of like camping but with all the amenties! I wish they would move to a cabin. There are only 2 of us, so I doubt they will. Have fun! Be sure to rent a golf car!


Unfortunately the electric water pageant is paused for the time being. :disappointed:

I don’t like hotels so I’ve often looked at the cabins. They seem a little nicer space and privacy wise. But we are a family of 8, so it doesn’t work anyway if we all go.
But if you are about the amenities of a hotel it seems like a different product. It has a lot of different amenities that likely are paused, but since you weren’t looking for them in the first place it likely doesn’t matter.

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I hadn’t heard but figured so. Hopefully it’s a thing they can do. I never saw crowds waiting for it - tho with no fireworks, maybe.

@qwerty6, one year when we were a large group, we rented a travel trailer and had it delivered and set up on a campsite across from the site our RV was on.

It was roomier than a Wilderness home/cabin with the slide outs. It had a full bed with single bunk above in the back bedroom and a queen bed in the front bedroom. The sleeper sofa was possibly a queen as well. The dining table/ benches make into a short full but we didn’t need it.

For another trip I was investigating a bunk house model with 2 double bunks in the back bedroom - sleeping 4 - and at least a queen in the front bedroom. And of course the sleeper couch and dining/sleeping area. We wound up at a 5 bedroom vrbo that trip instead. Mostly because we procrastinated too long deciding on dates.

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I did look into that for our 2016 trip. It’s still so much more expensive than renting a house and getting a throwaway campsite. But it’s cool that you made it work. We are newly initiated tent campers; we just started three years ago. It’s crazy how much I love camping. With many modifications of course. A bathhouse is number one.

I am starting to get nervous about not having a car here…

Plans are for our 8 days are 2 days at MK, 1 HS, 1 AK, and one evening at Disney Springs. Rest of the time mostly at resort or take boat to resorts on Bay Lake.

Will I hate not having a car? The parking fees make me want to avoid it if I can. Already plan on shelling out 65 per day for golf cart…

I’m pretty sure the reason the electric water pageant is paused is not related to the pandemic, really…but instead, because of the work being done on the bridge between the GF and MK. I presume once that bridge is finished, the pageant will resume.

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From what people have told me, either a car or a golf cart is essential since the internal bus system is unreliable - you could be waiting forever and then still have to wait for your bus to a park / DS. It sounds like a car would be best as an alternative to Disney transport, but if you have a golf cart you should be fine.

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Do the cabins charge for parking since they have a designated space for a vehicle by each cabin? I’d call and ask.

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opps, sorry @Jeff_AZ… meant that to go to all… :grimacing::crazy_face:

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They told me they do.

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I get the decision to charge for parking at the resorts, even if I think it is pure money grab. You can justify it because they want to make sure there are enough parking spots, etc.

But honestly, the idea to charge for parking for Fort Wilderness Cabins is PURE money grab. The parking spot is there in front of the cabin no matter what. Would someone honestly come to Fort Wilderness and decide to park in someone’s cabin spot? I don’t think so! Disney can do what they will do, of course…but really now…this is a bit ridiculous!


We stayed there last year and I really liked it! It was me (preggers at the time), my husband and my son who was about 2.5 years old. The cabins are close enough to the external bus stop that we preferred to walk to the bus stop than wait for an internal bus to bring us there. I can’t remember the cabin I was in but we cut across the “back yard” and onto the main road so the walk took maybe 10 mins? You will need to wait for a bus to get to the marina. Made that mistake the first day haha.

What I liked best is that it was quiet. It was a nice break from all the stimulation you get at the park and I would stay there again. Taking the boat to MK was just plain fun as well.