Buying AP early?

With Disney, you could (up until very recently) buy an AP, but not actually activate it for years into the future.

I’m wondering if the same is true for a Universal AP? Can you buy a seasonal pass now, for example, but not activate it until later? I’m not sure I’m actually going to do so, but with price increases expected soon, and with us planning a trip to Universal in May 2023, I could potentially avoid the price increase by buying now. I’m not immediately seeing any indication this is possible, but figured it was worth asking.

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Supposedly… We’ve got them and have not activated them so I can’t tell you for sure. But I know when I bought them I asked that question directly b/c of all the covid crud and was told that I could wait years to activate. Again, haven’t tried yet, but there is nothing on my email ticket, receipt about any expiration date.

Okay. So, the only thing I can find on the website is mention of the start date beginning on date of first use. Which indicates it might be possible. But I didn’t know if there is fine print hidden somewhere I’m not aware of limiting it!

Your query prompted me to read though my email reciept carefully. We’ve meant to activate them several times, made plans and then a spike hit or a USO policy change occurred that made us wait… again… We bought 3 2 parks 15-month premier FL Res tickets; I hope they will be good when we finally get there :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I have little doubt they will honor them…BUT, I could see them requiring you to pay the difference in the up charge…perhaps. But if there is no mention of expiration date, I don’t see how they could feasibly alter that.

Having said that, I DO see that the benefits they list on the website ARE date-based. Which means that if you buy now, say, with the benefits of X, Y, and Z listed…since those benefits are only guaranteed through 2022, then it means if you activate the same pass in 2023, the benefits might be altered/reduced. I wouldn’t be upset about that as much, since if we waited to buy, we’d have the reduced benefits either way.

This is what is on my email ticket confirmation:

To pick up your ticket(s) or Annual Pass(es), print your online order confirmation page and bring it with you to ANY of the front gate ticket windows (located at the entrances to Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure OR Universal’s Volcano Bay) during regular theme park operating hours. The credit cardholder must be present to pick up the ticket(s) or Annual Pass(es) purchased. The credit cardholder must also bring the following items: the credit card used for the transaction (for verification only); a valid photo ID; a valid Florida photo ID for any Florida Resident products purchased; and the order confirmation number (located on the order confirmation page).

I’ve considered this as well and would be happy to pay the difference rather than lose all that money.

Okay. That gives me hope it might be okay to try! I’m going to email UOR directly just to confirm, but this sounds like it is possible.

report back. I think I’m going to reach out too and ask

OK… just got off the phone w/ guest services and since our tickets have not been ‘picked’ up and/or activated we still can use them and then the first use will start the clock on their expiration. I asked about paying a difference and he said no. He did give me a good tip too: Our ticket includes free valet parking, but you have to pay for parking your first time before you can use that benefit. However, you pay for valet parking upon departure, and we’d have our valid ticket when we leave.


Awesome. Thanks so much!

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Hey… just FYI, I told GS that we bought these tickets in 2020, he didn’t flinch :wink: even looked up our confirmation number. I assume you will not wait as long :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for doing this. I bought Annual Passes at the 15 month deal in Summer 2020, and have had to cancel 3 universal trips, usually because of covid, so I haven’t had a chance to activate them. They no longer show up in my wallet on the universal app, so I was worried about the passes.

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Yes you can activate any time. Did you notice the MVT Universal discounts? Also checked out a 2 park 4 day ticket package on Universal web site and the cost for 2 was $728. The price of a AP for 2 seasonal is $356 per person. That’s cheaper than the ticket price for 2 park, 4 days. No brainer for us.

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Well, they are still in my email inbox and I have them printed off too. Good luck to us both getting there someday soon :wink:

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I love a good deal! We have the buy 12 months get 15 months premiere AP. We paid $510. Really don’t want to lose the money.

Here again I am NOT sale pitching Magical Vacation’s Travel or MVT for short. They recently came out with a deal for Universal Studios Fl. The deals are for various dates at Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, and Portifino. I just booked Portifino in October for 6 days 5th to the 11th. After checking price on the Universal web site I found that MVT had a 50% discount room only. Can’t beat it or even close. Thought I would let everyone out here know the at least as far Universal is concerned, MVT discounts are back. :star_struck:


We’ll be staying in Dockside Inn when we go. We need a family suite, and there is no way we can afford 9 nights at one of their deluxe resorts.

I wanted to find out what deals MVT has, but alas, they won’t advertise them unless you contact them. And, well, that’s a hard no for me. If you are going to require me to give you all my contact information to get a price, I’m out. I made the mistake of doing that one before with a different company, and wished I hadn’t.

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You don’t need to give them all your info. One of their agents is actually a liner. I believe @FindMeAFishingSpot works with her too. PM me if you would like her email.

I guess it doesn’t bother me as they are not pesty like some Travel Agency’s are. Have booked with MVT a number of times and they are on the up and up. I use Darcy but there are many other great agents. The deals right now on Universal are to good not to check out. Remember when booking Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, or Portifino, the come with the Express pass included. I am sure you have seen MVT mentioned out here many times in the past. Their discounts for WDW were unheard of, but alas they are presently no more. :smirk: