The forum software we’re using is relatively new on the scene. As such, it’s constantly having new features added by the development team. Because of this, you may run into some bugs or issues. If so, please post the bug in here, with as much detail as possible, like what operating system and browser version youre using, the steps taken to re-produce the issue, screenshots if applicable, etc.

If its not an issue we can take care of here, I will pass it on to the Discourse team. They’ve been very good about fixing bugs quickly during our testing of the forum, and they have an active community of people working on making the forum software usable and full of features.

Bugs I’ve found so far:

  • When you go to “top”, none of the headings (like category, title, post start date, etc) are clickable to sort. Therefore, no way to sort by the latest response or first post date
  • When you’re reading a long thread, if someone replies to the thread, you immediately lose your position and scroll to the bottom.
  • In order to reply, you first have to scroll through the entire thread, which can only be accomplished by the thread constantly loading in chunks, which is both incredibly slow and unbelievably obnoxious
  • When trying to read, for example, the choices for “tracking”, it is done in a pop up, which instantly closes if someone else posts a reply on the thread.
  • There does not seem to be a way to “flag” only a specific post on a thread, only the thread itself
  • Despite being a member of Lines for many years with nearly 30,000 posts, I am considered a “new user” who can’t post often, can’t upload images, and can’t include links in my posts.

And the big bug that nearly every mobile user has mentioned so far back in Lines Chat - the data usage of the new forum is insane, causing mobile users with data limits to either not use the forum or to pay additional money to their cellphone provider.

Which phone/browser/OS version are you using @Mr_Itty none of your bugs are showing up on the web version on a computer nor on my smartphone.

Firefox on Windows 8. The Flag-individual-post thing either was a glitch or my imagination, as I do now see the flag icon under each one. The rest are very valid.

Are you referring to these clickable boxes? They work properly for me, so it may be à Windows 8 issue. I am using Windows 7 pro and Chrome for Android

No. Click on the logo to go back to the start of the forums. Click on Top. Above the list of threads are headings. Topic, Category, Post, Likes, Views, Activity. Those headings are not clickable.

Windows 8 on my PC, sorry, not a phone.

Thanks for the post! The page jumping on a new post sounds problematic. I’ll definitely pass that one to the forum developers. Likewise with the tracking popup closing on a new post. We’re also going to work on reducing the data usage for mobile users on our end, and will also talk to the Discourse team to try to get it lowered even more.

To reply or reach the bottom of a long chat, you should be able to jump to the bottom of the page by clicking on the green numbered box on the bottom right. It will let you jump to a specific post, or the top, or the bottom.

I think the headings arent supposed to be sortable in the “Top” section - I think that’s limited to showing the threads with the most posts. However if you go into a category’s topic listing or click on “Latest”, those headings should be sortable.

And the “New Member” setting is because we havent moved over any data from Lines. Discourse is 3rd party software that we’re hosting on our own server. It has a system to allow us to use TouringPlans.com login info as the login info for the forum, but it doesnt allow us to copy over any other info like amount of Lines posts, Lines join date, etc. There are post caps on a user in their first 24 hours, and a few other limitations (like image uploading) when a user is at “Level 0” which is easy to advance out of. After you get through this, you should advance to level 1, which is the normal user threshold, without limits. It’s in place to prevent people who join just to spam the forum quickly.

Thanks for all the feedback! Not only is our forum very new here, but the software itself is barely 2 years old as well, so its constantly being refined. They’re constantly making updates though, especially when users find bugs! So keep on sending in feedback! It can only help us get better!


Thanks for the reply and answers to my concerns. This one still bothers me, however:

So there’s no way to see just the most recent posts/threads? I have to click on every single category, one at a time, and then sort by last-post-date? May I please make a feature request to enable “all” posts to be sorted? I couldn’t care less what category a post is in, I just want to see the 10 or so posts that have been made since I last checked.

Thank you,

No. I take all that back. That’s obviously exactly what “Latest” is for. My mistake. Sorry.

No worries. I do agree that if the columns are sortable in one area, they should be sortable in all, especially when they have the same names and are in the same format. Doing so gives the reasonable expectation that you can sort them everywhere. I’m going to bring that up with the Discourse team too. (There are columns in the admin area that should be sortable and arent as well, so it does seem like an issue they have)

Uhm. Okay, here’s a new bug. “There are no latest topics”, all of a sudden. Where’d they go?

http:// i.imgur.com/b2UlvSj.png

Ok I went to preferences and set notifications to weekly. However, I am getting a new email for every post.

That might be a weird javascript issue. Its popped up a few times for some people. Usually a refresh fixes it. But thats also already on the list to bring up to Discourse.

Thank you Daybreaker

That reply was for @Mr_Itty… as for the email notifications on every post, I’m not sure why it would do that. I actually havent looked at whats available in that section :-/

Not exactly a bug, but maybe more a preference: Email notifications should be OFF by default, not buried in preferences. Trying to be open minded about this, but the more junk I get, the less likely I’m going to like it. I prefer to browse when I wish, not be emailed every time someone clicks my name.

I see an ad for pizza Hut and I am logged in :frowning:

This is not a bug, but more of a suggestion (hope this is the right place to post): Is there a way to keep the banner of choices that appear on the home page (categories, latest, top, etc.) always appear at the top of every page? E.g., suppose I want to view all the threads under “Latest.” When I visit one thread and then want to go back to the other “latest” threads, I have to first go back to the home page and then click over to “latest.” It would be nicer if “Latest” (or “Top,” etc.) were always visible at the top of the page. Is there a way to choose that in preferences? Thanks!

I dont think there’s a way to do that right now, but that’s a very good idea. I know if you look at the very top of the page, inbetween our logo and the topic title, you can click on the category tag to go back to that category’s topic listing.

Thanks, @daybreaker, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. It would be great to have access to “latest” or “top” in the same way there’s currently access for the category - something that takes you back to the path you followed to get to the thread you’re on. Thanks!

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