Bucket Trip UPDATE – Major Pixie Dust Moment

I would not say the story is worth it for the most part. There are a couple of rooms in the standby line that are neat but not worth a 2 hours wait.

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I also wasn’t sure if you had seen this site:

it’s great for looking up what’s happening at the festival and the menus.

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They are using the fastpass system for limited purposes like that. They also still have Rider Swap which used to use the FP line. But i think they sometimes have you return to a different location than they used to (my understanding is that portions of the FP queues are sometimes being used for standby).

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So even the if the story isn’t worth the wait as @jennyturin feels, if the line is short enough we might want to do it to get fast passes? Since that is the only way to get one now. Definitely something to consider. :thinking:

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If you can rope drop but also there aren’t a lot of attractions in AK. You should not have to wait long if you ride Dinosaur, EE and Kilimanjaro Safaris first thing in that order. It used to be EE had a longer line than Dinosaur but i’ve noticed that Dinosaur gets longer nowadays. I think without fastpass EE loads so quickly it really moves the line fast. If you’re wanting to ride Kali River Rapids too I’d do that right when it opens which is usually after the rest of the park. You won’t wait long for A Bug’s Life.

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ADR day is approaching and I realized I had us going to DS on a Sunday :scream: so have made a few switches to avoid that!! Still tweaking possible ADRs and rankings. Looked yesterday at current longest day out and lots were taken so need to prioritize.

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I would avoid DS altogether right now :frowning:

Only want to go for homecomin meal if we can get an ADR on one of our rest days. Just didn’t want to invite trouble by having it be a Sunday - was not thinking when I put that together. lol

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gotcha’ go in and get out plan :wink:

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Here is the current priority list of ADRs, subject to change at a moments notice. lol

  1. BOG 6/8 - Tues - Lunch/11:30 am

  2. Narcoossee’s 6/7 - Mon - Dinner (late lunch ok or dinner 6/11)

  3. Homecomin 6/3 - Thurs - Anytime (or 6/6 or 6/7)

  4. Oga’s 6/5 or 6/1 - any off time

  5. 50s PT 6/5 - Sat - Lunch/11:45 am

  6. Sci Fi 6/1 - Tues - Dinner

  7. Lib. Tree Tav. 6/8 - Tues - Dinner

  8. Ale & Comp 6/6 - Sun - Breakfast (late)

  9. Ale & Comp 6/2 - Wed - Dinner (late)

  10. GFC 6/10 - Thurs - Lunch (or dinner)

  11. Cry. Pal. 6/12 - Sat - Dinner (early)


Good choices!

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Thanks. I saw yours the other day I think. They open at 7 am eastern, right?

Phone lines do but the internet opens at 6am EDT. I am in CDT so it hurts a bit. :wink: I’d say to try the internet first but if it is causing problems (and it does do that) call when the phone lines open up. Try different browsers and the phone app with the internet. It is not consistent and some days one works better than the other.

I have also made a few changes to be more inclusive for the girls from my original list but it is still pretty close! We have some crossover with restaurant choices but not on the same days.

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Is there a specific number to call for dining or is it just the regular customer service one? Thanks.

The number is
407939DINE (3463)

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I was up at 4:45 am cdt :scream: to try to get ADRs.

Part 1 of ADRs went pretty well, there are just a couple I didn’t get and a few that I have to wait for my 60 days from my second part of our split stay.

We got Narcc., Oga, 50s, and both Ale & Comp. at pretty good times for what I was looking. @jennyturin was right to try different browsers etc.!

We didn’t get Homcomin - well I did but then it wouldn’t accept our credit card so I’m definitely going to be calling. The other one we didn’t get was Sci Fi which I’ll also try in a call or res finder.

The ones that need to wait until next week Thursday are BOG, Lib Tree Tav, Grand FC and Cry. Pal.

I’m feeling pretty good about how it went.


Just got Sci Fi online for when we wanted!!!

Homecomin still a no on the credit card so being on hold is happening. ugh


Well after 2 and a half hours on hold​:scream::scream::scream: we got our Homecomin reservation!!!

Have no idea why it wouldn’t take our credit card online but now it doesn’t matter.

They really need a longer loop of music/ads because 2.5 hours :woman_facepalming:


You are telling me. I’ve done it five times in the last month or so and it’s killing me. No more Haunted Mansion music ever again. Lol

When I got thru the 2nd time for a tota of 3 hours of hold since I got hung up on the first time. I begged the cast member not to hang up on me.